10 Best lets you explore some of Sydney's best upscale and independant shopping the city has to offer.

From all the shops and stores in Sydney, 10Best narrows the options down to those places with the most appeal and the best offerings. We deliver a carefully vetted selection to let you explore Sydney shopping on your own. If time is really tight, though, and you don't have the leisure to look through all our offerings, we present our Best Shopping list for Sydney. Here, we distill the best businesses down to a special selection of ten. Explore some of Sydney's best local designers from Collette Dinnigan to Alannah Hill. These places promise a stellar experience and a taste of the city that you just can't miss. No matter where you venture in Sydney you will surely find yourself surrounded by hundreds of great shopping locations, from designer boutiques to shopping centers. From the designer boutiques and independent design stores of the Surry Hills and Paddington areas, to the high fashion and brand name stores of Pitt Street Mall and Sydney's Westfield Shopping Center, there is something suited to everyone around every corner. If you are out experiencing Sydney's sites then why not stop off to explore some of Sydney's best shopping locations while you are at it. See Sydney from a new angle and explore some of the best local and international designers the city has to offer.


Expensive, beautiful and stylish clothing is the hallmark of this chic establishment. Sophisticated fashions for men and women feature simple designs, quality fabrics, and beautiful cuts. Saba aims to bring serious style to its customers for any occasion, whether it be casual wear or for an event. Knits and denims are particularly appealing and will flatter customers from age 20s to 50s. The clothing, designed by one of Australia's most respected designers, has been around for 30 years and is easily recognized for its smart, understated character. If you are in the area, Saba is definitely worth exploring as you might just find that perfect piece.

Local Expert tip: No matter what your age, Saba has it all.

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Located in Sydney's oldest shopping arcade, this unique store remains one of Sydney's oldest and most loved. It first opened in 1892 and although small, it has always been well-stocked with something for everyone seeking a bit more style for their head. A variety of hats are available, especially the Akubra, Australia's most famous hat, Panama hats, bowlers, top hats, and kangaroo belts are also in stock. Tourists and locals alike frequent the store, searching for the most complementary and unique headgear. Hat accessories are available, and hats can be steamed, cleaned, and fitted while you wait. If you are after something a little out of the ordinary in your shopping trip, pay a visit to Strand Hatters.

Local Expert tip: Dress up that head of yours with some custom made head-wear.

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RM Williams, Australia's original bush outfitters. RM Williams has been offering boots for men and women, along with clothing of exceptional quality across Australia. Although everything is designed to withstand Australian bush conditions, the goods are stylish enough to wear anywhere. The clothing is designed to capture the Australian mentality and history while remaining stylish fro everyday use. All the merchandise is made in Australia and is RM Williams' own label. Boots, which are the store's signature item, are crafted from a single piece of leather, a practice which is said to ensure extra strength and comfort as well as last many years.

Local Expert tip: RM Williams Boots will last you a life-time.

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Paspaley Pearls features an opulent showroom in tones of peach and cream, punctuated by a curved staircase which mimics the delicate colors of the pearls offered within. The company, which was founded in 1952, sells incredibly beautiful pearls, and pearl jewellery farming its product in the waters off western Australia. Australia is one of the leading pearl suppliers in the world and it is always worth a look at some of the countries best, locally sourced wares. Individual pearls and pearl jewelry are both available with designs ranging from contemporary to traditional. Paspaley pearls has remained one of Sydney's most well known and best loved pearl stores in the city and is well worth a look.

Local Expert tip: You can't pass up a look at Australia's home-grown pearl collection.

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As the name may suggest, this cute little store specializes in antiques and nick-knacks associated with wine and food. Among the offerings, you'll find corkscrews, food and restaurant art prints, rare 18th-century engravings, and old wine labels. The shop is popular with photographers, artists, chefs, stylists and collectors from all over the world, who come in for specialty items and those hard to find one-of-a-kind goods. If you don't need an object permanently, the company is happy to arrange short-term rentals for events or parties. The Art of Wine and Food is just one of many rare little finds scattered across Sydney offering a unique shopping experience.

Local Expert tip: Features some unique pieces for collectors.

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Surry Hills

Devoted to promoting contemporary craft and design, this shop sells goods created by Australia's top designers and craftspeople. Against a white background, the merchandise gains added prominence, and the quality of each piece is clearly visible. Object aims to support local artists and designers by showcasing their designs. Among the offerings you'll find are original pieces made from wood, ceramics, glass and metal; also available are handcrafted dinnerware, glassware, vases, and jewelry. Many items would be suitable business gifts. Attached is the Object Gallery, showcasing some of Australia's local talent from designers to artists which you can usually purchase their wares in the store.

Local Expert tip: Explore some of Sydney's best local talent.

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Alannah Hill offers a stunning upscale shopping experience. Its wares are ultra-feminine and incredibly popular with a young professional crowd. Lush fabrics, lace, and embroidery characterize the garments, which are unapologetic in their allure. Jewelry and hair accessories also find favor with patrons, who are themselves devoted to style and fashion. The shop's decor takes decorative cues from the clothing making it a treat to visit and explore the many styles on offer. Alannah Hill is an Australian designer who has made a strong local mark as well as expanding her line internationally. Her designs strike up a cord with anyone interested in upscale designs.

Local Expert tip: Alannah Hill, one of Australia's fashion success stories.

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Inner East

Sisters Nicole and Simone Zimmerman spearhead this now internationally recognisable brand. They are involved in all the designs of both the clothing and swimwear on offer while managing to establish their brand. This beautifully open store carries one of Australia's most well established labels, featuring whitewashed walls, large floral displays, and glass cabinets. It courts a large following of young professionals, who seek the stylish designs and bright bikinis the company is famously known for. The designs aim to capture the Australian way, the atmosphere, attitude and beauty of its people and landscape which is always heavily featured in each new line.

Local Expert tip: The swimwear are some of Sydney's most stylish pieces.

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Scanlon and Theodore specialises in premium women's fashion. The store has a strong focus on producing clothing that features high-quality fabrics, excellent tailoring and one-of-a-kind designs. Whether you are after stylish workplace garments or that perfect evening wear they are all well-represented, and all items carry the company's own brand name and style. The clientele generally include young professionals, as well as the occasional Australian celebrity frequenting the store. If you fall in love with this unique brand, you can also find the clothing label at select locations around the world at Harvey Nichols, Barney's, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Selfridges.

Local Expert tip: Perfect for tracking down that one-of-a-kind piece.

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Sensuality and romantic designs distinguish this feminine store, characterised by its beautiful iron staircase and courtyard. Sexy, figure-flattering clothing adores the racks, and while dresses are the most prominent item, you'll also discover shoes and accessories. Fabrics include embroidered and beaded textiles, silks and sequins. With her Australian reputation already cemented, Collette has now expanded her influence to Europe, the UK and the US; meeting great international success. Collette Dinnigan's designs are most popular among young professionals but also cater for all, (as long as you have the dough). Whether you are a young local or an international celebrity, Collette Dinnigan's designs are well worth a look. There's even a line for children.

Local Expert tip: Collette Dinnigan's pieces may be a little on the expensive side, but features some of Australia's best designs.

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