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Take It or Leave It: Sometimes a guide or listing will give the name of the district an attraction is in, rather than the number, so be aware of this (for example the 5th district is also known as Margareten).

Caution: The Christmas period, with the famous Christmas Markets, and Carnival time in the spring can get very busy here and hotel rates really soar. Plan accordingly and book early.

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Caution: When dining in old style Vienna restaurants, be aware that the bread in the basket served to you is not free, and you will be charged per piece.

Be Sure to Sample: Frankfurter Vienna sausage, Viennese coffee, tafelspitz, schnitzel.

Hot Tips: If in town during August, don't miss the Gürtel Nightwalk, an annual event where one street becomes a mile-long party, with alternative music, open air bars and live international acts all performing.

Best Local Souvenir: Mozart chocolate, dirndl dresses.

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