Live Music


8th District

Incorporating live music with futuristic technology, Rhiz is a place that never stops changing. Inviting the best electronic artists from all over Europe, this place is always loaded with energy and keeps the crowd upbeat with the latest and greatest in musical performance technology. The positive changes in Vienna's nightlife scene over the last decade have been due in large part to the bass booming and beat bumping showcased at Rhiz during that time.

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1st District

Jazz and Blues from 9pm every evening. Conceived to give up-and-coming Austrian jazz musicians the chance to play with soloists from the United States, the club has definitely reached its goal; Art Farmer, Sheila Jordan, Memphis Slim, Buddy Tate, Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis and dozens more have played at the club.

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1st District

One of the first and most popular clubs in an area that is now full of clubs: the "Bermuda Dreieck." Each evening begins with some smooth jazz, then the hips begin to swing and you head into the night to the pulse of Latin-American rhythms.

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