10 Best Shopping Destinations on Grand Bahama Island

Shoppers will find an assortment of handmade items on Grand Bahama Island, from braided jewelery, painted conch shells, and straw hats and baskets that serve as the "signature" souvenir to bring home. Most of the shopping action can be found in the Port Lucaya Marketplace, a collection of stores, restaurants, and bars that also boasts the Straw Market in the back where prices are negotiable. Within the marketplace, there are a few stand-out shops like Leo's Art Gallery, which showcases the works of the talented artist, Leo Brown.

At the cruise port, the Freeport Harbour has a collection of shops in the straw market, as well as restaurants and entertainment. Although not as large as the Port Lucaya Marketplace, shoppers can pick up some unique items before getting back on the cruise ship.

In addition, several art galleries and specialty shops can be found throughout the island, like the Perfume Factory, located next to the International Bazaar, and offers tours of the shop as well as unique fragrances and lotions.

To help make shopping easier, the experts at 10Best.com have put together a list of popular souvenir shops, marketplaces, and specialty stores to find that special something to take back from vacation.

Grand Bahama Island
International Bazaar
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Unfortunately, in the last six years or so the International Bazaar has fallen on tough times - to say the least. Following a hurricane and the closure of a neighboring hotel, most shops are now shut down. It's a bit depressing to walk through...  Read More



The Grand Bahama Artists Association has about 30 members who each contribute their own distinct style. Artists produce wooden sculptures; paintings made with oil, acrylic, pencil, and watercolor; as well as sequined tapestries and hand-made...  Read More

Grand Bahama Island
Port Lucaya Straw Market
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The Port Lucaya Straw Market is located at one end of the Port Lucaya Marketplace complex behind the stores, restaurants, and bars. Here you can find vendors selling handmade goods, t-shirts, beach towels, and various souvenirs like magnets,...  Read More

Grand Bahama Island


One of the best places on the island for European-style women's clothing, this chic boutique has clothes for both casual and dressy "date night out" occasions. The shop is fairly small, but the garments are classy, and feature many high-end...  Read More

Grand Bahama Island
Granny's House
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This colorful, cute-as-a-button stand is located in front of the Straw Market at the Port Lucaya Marketplace. Granny's House sells authentic, hand made straw baskets and Bahamian novelty hats at reasonable prices that make great souvenirs!...  Read More

Grand Bahama Island
Perfume Factory


The Perfume Factory is one of the largest fragrance producers in the Bahamas. Housed in a replica of a 19th century Bahamian mansion, this venue offers a free five-minute tour of the laboratory. Plus, they give you the opportunity to blend your...  Read More

Grand Bahama Island
Leo's Art Gallery
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This is local artist Leo Brown's gallery where he showcases his Haitian-style paintings. Each piece has an interesting story of its own to tell. Much of his work depicts life on the islands, for an authentic reminder of what Grand Bahama is like...  Read More

Grand Bahama Island
Butlers Specialty Foods


Opened in 2010, as the island's only purveyor of gourmet and specialty foods, this shop has items that are imported from over 35 countries. Find such delicacies as European chocolates and cheeses, South American coffees and fine Asian teas. If...  Read More

Grand Bahama Island
Freeport Harbour
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Cruise ship passengers' first introduction to Grand Bahama Island is the Freeport Harbor, a collection of shops and restaurants in the cruise port. While not as large as the Port Lucaya Marketplace, there are several handicraft, souvenir, and...  Read More

Grand Bahama Island
Port Lucaya Marketplace
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Spread over six acres, Port Lucaya Marketplace is one of the most popular places on the island. Conveniently located on Seahorse Road, this is a paradise for food lovers and shopping addicts alike. Count Basie Square is located behind the...  Read More


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