10 Best Spots to Eat and Drink in Rio´s Trendy Ipanema Neighborhood

The affluent Rio de Janeiro neighborhood of Ipanema offers plenty of tempting reasons for foodies of all tastes and budgets to visit.

Ipanema is a favorite hang out for the young and the beautiful, and there are plenty of health-food spots for those intent on keeping their beach bodies in shape - there's energy-boosting acai at Amazonia Soul, while New Natural is another favorite with body conscious locals and hungry tourists alike. 

For those looking for something meatier, the Ipanema branch of enduringly popular churrascaria (grilled meat restaurant) Porcao offers an opportunity to tuck into as much steak and other carnivorous treats as you can handle, while Casa de Feijoada serves Brazil's national dish - a hearty meat and bean stew - every day of the week. For more sophisticated fare, our top pick - Fasano Al Mare - is an elegant spot serving high-end Italian fare.

Dining at beach kiosks is one of the most relaxed ways to eat in Ipanema, and is surprisingly inexpensive if you stick to simple dishes such as fried sardines, while beach vendors stroll along the sands selling everything from grilled cheese and shrimp to low-cal sandwiches and ice-creams. 

And when in Rio, be sure to sample Acai - an Amazonian 'power berry' served frozen and topped with fruit and granola for an antioxidant-rich energy boost. Most vendors sell it stiff with sugar, but the version at Amazonia Soul is virtually sugar free. 

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