Hot Fun in Malibu: The Best Attractions in SoCal's Famous Beach Playground

Malibu is Southern California's most famous beach playground, the place that everyone from Barbra Streisand to Pierce Brosnan and Matthew McConaughey call home. Its surf breaks are legendary, but there's much more to Malibu than looking for celebrities strolling on the beach and or diving into the Pacific Ocean wearing wetsuits. From the breathtaking Getty Villa Museum to the wineries perched high in the hills in the new AVA known as the Malibu Coast, there are lots of special places to visit in this gorgeous place that has helped make Los Angeles famous. There are places to just chill out, like the famed Malibu Pier, where a fishing pole and a cooler are all you need to enjoy the morning, or the Malibu Country Mart, where some retail therapy often combines with a bit of Hollywood star gazing. The Adamson House Museum and the Frederick Weisman Museum (at Pepperdine University) both join the Getty Villa in providing a cultural and artistic backbone to the community, while Paradise Cove offers up longstanding fun in the sun for the whole family. No matter what experience you choose, there's one thing that Malibu almost always offers along with your visit – a sunny day with magnificent scenery.

Malibu Country Mart
Photo courtesy of Malibu Country Mart


With over 40 retail shops, plenty of eateries and even a playground filled with fun, the Malibu Country Mart is a year-round shopping destination on Pacific Coast Highway. The buildings that make up the shopping complex suggest a rustic country...  Read More

Malibu Beach RV Park
Photo courtesy of Gina Douglas Tarnacki


Malibu is known for its rugged landscape, numerous hiking trails and stunning beaches. One of the best ways to enjoy the great outdoors of Malibu is to go camping. A top place to go camping at in Malibu is the Malibu Beach RV Park, which isn't...  Read More



Zuma Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches on the California coast " or any coast for that matter. Located on the north end of Malibu, Zuma Beach is mellow with soft sand, making it an ideal beach to lounge back and relax on. There are...  Read More

Pepperdine University
Photo courtesy of Gina Douglas Tarnacki


If you're a fan of famous and beautiful college campuses, you'll want to swing by Pepperdine University during your time in Malibu. The campus is situated on the side of a hill above Pacific Coast Highway and overlooks the ocean, providing...  Read More

Adamson House Museum
Photo courtesy of Gina Douglas Tarnacki


The Adamson House is the fully restored home of the Rindge family, who owned all of Malibu in the late 1800s and well into the 1900s. The lovely Spanish Colonial Revival style beach house sits right on Pacific Coast Highway, and is both a...  Read More

Malibu Surf Shack
Photo courtesy of Gina Douglas Tarnacki


Open since 1972, the Malibu Surf Shack rents all the water sports toys you need to get into the real Malibu groove, communing with the ocean up close and personal. Give paddle boarding, kayaking or surfing a try; if you're not sure just how to...  Read More

Paradise Cove Beach Cafe
Photo courtesy of Paradise Cove Beach Cafe


Paradise Cove Beach Cafe is literally right on the beach in the northernmost reaches of the Malibu community, almost to Point Dume. The inside of the cafe that has been on this spot for generations has funky booths with a beach-inspired vibe and...  Read More

Malibu Wine Safaris
Photo courtesy of Malibu Wine Safaris


Malibu Wine Safaris combines a ranch adventure with wine tastings " and a meal, too, if you'd like " to create a unique day experience in the Malibu hills. This family-owned company is located on the Saddeback Ranch, a 1,000-acre estate that...  Read More

Malibu Pier
Photo courtesy of Gina Douglas Tarnacki


The long Malibu Pier is an ideal place in Malibu to go for a relaxing walk. The pier is refreshingly uncluttered compared to most piers in California, with just a few restaurants and shops. As you walk down Malibu Pier you'll pass fishermen...  Read More

Pacific Palisades
Getty Villa
Photo courtesy of Getty Villa


The Getty Villa is an incredible architectural masterpiece, the repository for the J. Paul Getty Foundation's extensive Greek and Roman antiquities collection, as well as ancient art from other cultures ranging from the Stone Age to the fall of...  Read More


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