Best Parks in Los Angeles

Finding Peace in Parks Is Possible in Los Angeles

Whether you choose Los Angeles as your home or vacation destination, we all need some time in the outdoors to revive and feel more alive. This list of peaceful parks includes venues with ocean views like the original muscle beach and Palisades Park as well as Lake views at either Lake Balboa or Self-Realization Fellowship Shrine.

In the search for peace and harmony, there are many choices for green spaces in Los Angeles as well as a chance to learn about history at Will Rogers State Park. You can sit and contemplate, bring a picnic or enjoy many of the areas with special play areas for children.

Los Angeles may often be on the news for our traffic, but we should be better known for our outdoor choices! You can relax and unwind all over our beautiful city in many green spaces that are places to feel free and enjoy the outdoors and allow for peaceful relaxation and contemplation. If you are looking for a romantic spot for a date or proposal, this variety of venues should do the trick all over our unusual city. My friend proposed to his girlfriend at Westwood Recreation Park, but I can see that nearly every venue on this list could be a perfect spot to pop the question in a park! Enjoy your time in Los Angeles! Special Thanks to Joannie Parker, Shirin Yadegar and Amy Gendel Bowen for their help and suggestions!


You can drive, bike or hike to this area. They have a bathroom, water dishes for dogs, shade and picnic tables! It is located at the top of Kenter and has a viewing platform with telescopes. It is in the Santa Monica Mountains and has 360 degree views of the Santa Monica Mountains, the Encino Reservoir and San Fernando Valley, and the Los Angeles Basin. Marvin Braude Mulholland Gateway Park, Westridge Canyonback Park, and the 20,000-acre "Big Wild" wilderness area, are all accessible from San Vicente Mountain Park. From 1956-1968, San Vicente Mountain was one of sixteen Los Angeles area Nike-Ajax supersonic anti-aircraft missile launch sites. Established during the Cold War, this site had radar and computer systems to detect attacks by plane and missiles. I love to hike here!

Recommended for Parks because: This is one of my favorite hiking trails in Los Angeles. I like the history of the NIKE missile site.

Lisa's expert tip: You can drive, bike or hike to this area. They have a bathroom and picnic tables!

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This park has areas where you can walk, run, exercise, relax, picnic, and play soccer or baseball. There is plenty of parking and you can reserve the large barbecue pit. Children can enjoy swings, jungle gym as well as fields for ultimate frisbee, baseball and soccer. Adults can take advantage of work-out equipment through-out the park for more serious exercise on the 15 station par fitness course. The baseball diamond, softball fields, soccer fields and two tennis courts all have lights so this area is not just for daytime use! Wondering where to play sand volleyball but not at the beach? This park might be your top choice! You will find locals here and visitors to Los Angeles will consider this a great find!

Recommended for Parks because: This is a beautiful green space not far from the beach. The grounds are well kept and there are swings and a jungle gym!

Lisa's expert tip: Close to the Santa Monica airport, you can see planes as they approach and depart!

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Van Nuys

I went rollerblading here once and realized it is a bit more hilly than I first thought! The area around the Lake is beautiful, you can enjoy the cherry blossoms or people watch! Remember if you want to picnic, there are not stores within walking distance of the park, so come prepared. There are many different play areas, plenty of free parking and lots of open space for walking, bicycling and outdoor fun. Lake Balboa is a 27 acre lake filled with water reclaimed from the Tillman Water Reclamation Plant. Enjoy many different activities like fishing, boating, remote-control boating or staring at the beautiful scenery. Main access is from Balboa Boulevard.

Recommended for Parks because: It has multiple play areas, a lake, plenty of parking, and lots of open space for walking, picnicking, or just enjoying a nice day.

Lisa's expert tip: A great place to bike and enjoy a Lake in Los Angeles!

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This park has it all: a stream, separate sand and play areas for different age children, a track for running or biking and it is just really pretty! And they even organize a fantastic 4th of July party and parade The "pitch and putt" golf course is a perfect place to take beginning golfers and there is lawn bowling for the seniors. At this park: 1 lap is 5/8 mile and 2 laps is 1 1/4 mile. 8 laps around the entire park is equivalent to 5 miles. Famous sites nearby include "The Manor" (the old Spelling mansion) is across the street and the "Playboy Mansion" is a few blocks away. Holmby park is just north of Wilshire Boulevard, at the intersection of Beverly Glen and Comstock. There is convenient free street parking (2 hours) all around the park.

Recommended for Parks because: I have always loved this park. It has separate areas for small children with a baby slide and bigger kids have their own big slide!

Lisa's expert tip: Holmby park has a "pitch and putt" golf course. Great place to take beginning golfers!

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Will Rogers State Historic Park
Photo courtesy of Will Rogers State Historic Park

Parking is $12 but if you arrange it on a day where you can take a tour of Will Rogers' house and see a game of Polo, who can complain! There is limited street parking but you will have about a ten-minute walk. For the hiking, please read the signs and follow the trails. There are some issues in the summer with ticks. Be careful and pay attention. Try Inspiration trail but remember that the Chicken Ridge is located on the Backbone Trail. Docents lead tours of the home but you are not allowed to take photos inside. It is quite of museum of his original possessions! There are horses on the grounds as well as a few original vehicles and machines.

Recommended for Parks because: Enjoy history Los Angeles style with wagon wheel chandeliers and horse shoe lamps!

Lisa's expert tip: Take a walk to Inspiration point up past Will Rogers original stables to the top of the mountain.

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Children and adults are welcome to enjoy the gardens and lake for meditation, fish feeding, or a quiet place to sit and reflect. This is "LA's best kept secret. A serene place to spend quality time with your children," according to CEO of LA Mom Magazine, Shirin Yadegar who has lived in Los Angeles her entire life. The Self-Realization Fellowship Lake Shrine was dedicated by Paramahansa Yogananda in 1950. Thousands of people enjoy this serene spiritual sanctuary every year. There are swans, ducks, koi, and trees and flowers from around the world. The grounds include a Court of Religions honoring the five principal religions of the world, the Mahatma Gandhi World Peace Memorial, a museum with exhibits on Paramahansa Yogananda's work, and a gift shop with arts and crafts from India. The temple is on a hilltop overlooking the lake.

Recommended for Parks because: Enjoy this area for meditation, fish feeding, or a quiet place to sit and reflect. Tributes to all major faiths of the world.

Lisa's expert tip: Watch the fish and enjoy the reflections in the Lake!

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It has a lot of empty space for picnicking, It has multiple play areas for the kids, and a basketball court for the big kids. Where else can you play soccer, tennis, basketball, and picnic, practically next door to a federal building! Westwood Recreations Center is also the second West Coast Boundless playground created by L.A. Recreation and Parks in conjunction with the Boundless Playground Resource Center West. Aidan's Place (located here) opened on December 5, 2001 in memory of Aidan James who was wheelchair bound. It's also special because it's where my friends, Amy and Rolando, got engaged in 2010. Maybe this park will bring you love and romance too!

Recommended for Parks because: It has a lot of empty space for picnicking, It has multiple play areas for the kids, and a basketball court for the big kids.

Lisa's expert tip: Where else can you play soccer, tennis, basketball, and picnic, practically next door to a federal building!

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Not your typical park as you won't find a sandbox, swingset or dog run anywhere. What you will find is a a sprawling mansion, with beautiful gardens and stunning views nestled above Sunset Blvd. From its hilltop location, Greystone offers spectacular views and a quiet retreat from the busy city. Formal gardens, winding paths, and huge redwoods create a rarefied atmosphere that is at once calming and invigorating. Wander the grounds and look in the windows of the 1928 Doheny Mansion (listed on the National Registry of Historic Places). You may have seen the mansion and grounds in your favorite movie or noticed it in films like "Indecent Proposal" and "The Witches of Eastwick." The mansion is only open for special events. The grounds are generally open to the public, and there is free parking. Thank you to Amy Gendel Bowen for introducing me to this special spot!

Recommended for Parks because: Enjoy the new Greystone Demonstration Garden! Gardeners, students and locals are all encouraged to participate and discover locally grown, organic food!

Lisa's expert tip: The property's lush landscaped gardens are free and open to the public during regular business hours. The interior mansion can be seen through private small group tours.

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Palisades Park is a gorgeous park in Santa Monica that is right next to the coastline and encompasses over 25 acres. It's beach front location provides visitors to the park with views of the ocean. Watch the sunset, observe some surfers or simply enjoy the rhythmic nature of the waves. Palisades Park is home to walking paths and is dog friendly, making it an ideal place to hang out for awhile if you're traveling with your dog. Yoga is also a common sight to see in the park – if you're a yogi bring your mat and get centered in the nature-filled wonder of Palisades Park.

Recommended for Parks because: I love this area above the Ocean. There are benches, shade and incredible views!

Lisa's expert tip: Sit and contemplate with views of the ocean!

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A park at the beach? Only in Los Angeles! Wondering what there is to do here? Enjoy the hooping skills of Katie O'Brien Eychis and her circus star friends. You can also see acro-yoga, kick boxing, slack lining and people with incredible skills on the rings. This area is happening day or night. I love the green grass area right next to the gorgeous Santa Monica beach. As it is located next to Santa Monica pier, there are plenty of restaurant choices, bike paths and bike rentals. You can even learn to segway in the area. Famous hotels like Loews Santa Monica, Shutters and Casa Del Mar are nearby if you want to vacation right at the beach.

Recommended for Parks because: I love this area! I can hula-hoop and slack line by the sand and historic Santa Monica pier! Join in the fun!

Lisa's expert tip: Bring your hula hoop or join in the fun on the slack line and rings!

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