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After Japanese chefs pick out their favorite seafood from the day’s freshest catch, Los Angeles sushi chefs get to be next in line with their choices. Home of the best sushi in America, the San Fernando Valley boasts “Sushi Row” a cluster of restaurants dedicated to serving only the most spectacular sushi found this side of the Pacific Ocean. Katsu-ya, Nozawa, and Asanebo are a sushi lover’s dream in terms of fantastic presentation, top reviews, and superior service from the waiters on up to the famous personable chefs. The hard to find, yet beautiful Japanese garden setting of Iroha tucked away on Ventura Boulevard transports you across the seas to a quaint town in Tokyo. Wander over to the Westside to sample the succulent sashimi offered by the long-established Sushi Zo, Mori Sushi, and Kiriko restaurants. Craving a sushi fix after a long day of designer shopping in Beverly Hills? Look no further than famed Chef Nobu’s Matsuhisa and the hidden gem, Urusawa. Steer away from the tried and true California rolls and splurge for the Omakase, Chef’s special selections, and your tickled pink taste buds will thank you.


Make your own discovery, as you walk through the ivy-covered unassuming entryway to taste some of the best sushi tucked away in the heart of West Hollywood. Sample the fresh oysters, revel in a variety of delicious sashimi, and leave room for the heavenly seared toro. The juicy king crab legs are made to perfection and each dish is served with a traditional, yet creative flair. Chef Hiro Nishimura's masterpieces speak for themselves as they tickle your taste buds with each impeccable dish. Advance reservations are a must.

Local Expert tip: Don't miss the crab legs!

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Chef Ken Namba named his restaurant after Edo Kiriko, a Japanese glass craft blended with Western and traditional influences. This philosophy extends to his masterful mixture of authentic dishes with modern faire. Opt for cuisine from the continuously changing menu of specials to venture out of your comfort zone and dive into your adventurous sushi self. Savor some of the best snapper, shrimp, and salmon Southern California has to offer.

Local Expert tip: Order the salmon.

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Hidden behind a parking lot and next to a Day's Inn, you would never know this sushi gem even existed right off busy Ventura Boulevard. The atmosphere is lovely, perfect indoor and outdoor seating reminiscent of a delightful Japanese tea room complete with hanging lanterns and mini bansai trees. Sushi at its best, ask the Chef's for the day's specialties and taste some of the most luscious fresh traditional or fusion rolls and sashimi of your life.

Local Expert tip: Get a table outside under the lanterns.

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Mori Sushi

Chef Mori Onodera established Mori Sushi in 2000, after working at some of the top sushi restaurants in LA, notably Katsu and Matsuhisa. His eponymous dining establishment has earned the prestigious Michelin star and rave reviews ever since. While enjoying your fresh traditional sushi, notice how the utsuwa, serving plates, are handcrafted by Chef Mori himself. Sit at the sushi bar to watch the maestro in action as he prepares an elaborate Omakase, each dish served to perfection.

Local Expert tip: Try the Chef's Tasting Menu!

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Hiro Urasawa serves some of the top sushi in Beverly Hills, with prices to match. Only two chefs in America are licensed to serve Fugu (blowfish), and Urusawa is one of them. Prepare to be treated like royalty from start to finish, taking in the painstakingly perfect presentation and excellent service. For a stellar sushi experience akin to hopping on a plane and jetting off to Japan, Chef Urasawa reigns supreme. Due to the intimate dining area, reservations in advance are a must.

Local Expert tip: Get the blowfish!

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Tucked in a strip mall on Sushi Row between a Thai restaurant and an Argentinian Grill, the somewhat dingy location masks the incredibly sophisticated sushi dining paradise found within. Armed with the coveted 1 Star Michelin ranking, offers superior sushi with gracious service. Try the sea bass sashimi or seared toro with garlic cream to experience the perfect combination of imagination and artistry by some of the top sushi chefs in LA.

Local Expert tip: Don't miss the toro!

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The first Katsu-Ya in Los Angeles situated in the heart of sushi row is still the best with mouth-watering sushi and incomparable prices. Expect a small wait, even with reservations and then settle into the quaint establishment to consume some of Master Sushi Chef Katsuya's specials, like the Crispy Rice with Spicy Tuna starter or the buttery Rainbow Roll. While B and C-list celebrities dine at the Katsu-Ya locations elsewhere, this is the place to catch a glimpse of the A-listers, tucked in the valley, secluded from the Hollywood paparazzi.

Local Expert tip: Watch out for celebs!

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Tucked in a mini mall complex in Culver City, one would never guess that this restaurant serves what many hail as the best sushi in Los Angeles. What they are lacking in décor and space, they make up for in delicious food as each buttery piece of fish tingles the tastes buds. The quality and freshness of each fish mingled with its creative presentation make it easy to see why diners keep coming back for more.

Local Expert tip: Don't miss the ahi.

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La Cienega Corridor

Chef Nobu puts his kokoro (Japanese for “heart”) into every dish he prepares, resulting in elevating this Beverly Hills establishment to the top of almost nearly every “Best' list. Reservations a must for both dinner and lunch, look no further for sushi and sashimi that melts in your mouth. Splurge for the Omakase, which is guaranteed to satiate even the mildly adventurous of palates.

Local Expert tip: Get the Omakase!

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West Los Angeles

En Sushi is the go-to destination for authentic Japanese sushi with sexy ambiance to boot. Candlelit booths and tables create an elegant, classy atmosphere perfect for dates. The full lunch, dinner and bar menus offer a wide selection of sushi, sashimi and cooked dishes that would satisfy any sushi aficionado.

Local Expert tip: Try the happy hour menu from 4-7pm for great sushi at a great price.

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