10Best Things To Do in Napa Valley- Wine Not Always Required

There’s no question wine made Napa Valley famous. With more than 400 wineries, finding a spot to sip couldn’t be much simpler. But when you pack your bags for a trip to Napa Valley, you’ll want to come prepared to do more than just drink wine. Its Mediterranean climate often includes sunny skies in the middle of winter, so outside exploring comes with year-round possibilities. Start you your day with a hike at Skyline Wilderness Park or a trip to Bale Grist Mill State Historic Park to see tallest waterwheel west of the Mississippi. Grab everything you need for a gourmet picnic at Oxbow Public Market or sit down to a white linen table while you ride the rails aboard the Napa Valley Wine Train. At the end of the day, take in a live performance at downtown Napa’s historic Uptown Theatre or a see the latest release at Cameo Cinema in downtown St. Helena. Choices are plenty, just be sure to pack good walking shoes. 

Yountville Art Walk
Photo courtesy of Brian Welsh


The Yountville Art Walk is a fun and colorful scattering of 29 sculptures from one end of town to the other. Most of the pieces on display are for sale, and a portion of each sale goes toward arts related activities and events in the community....  Read More

Napa Art Walk
Photo courtesy of Israel Valencia - Infinity Visuals


The Napa ArtWalk offers a fun way to see art without ever stepping a foot in a museum. Learning your way around downtown Napa is an added perk. Pieces are strategically scattered throughout downtown Napa so you can go at your own pace, sneaking...  Read More



Loved by locals and a favorite of visitors in the know, Skyline Wilderness Park boasts 850 acres for folks to hike, barbecue, picnic and camp. Even though the park is a popular spot, it isn't uncommon to go for stretches without seeing another...  Read More

Napa Valley Wine Train Excursions


All aboard for a unique tour of wine country on the Napa Valley Wine Train. A majority of the trains are restored Pullman rail cars built in 1915. Advanced for their day, the cars served as first class coaches for the Northern Pacific Railway...  Read More



In the 1960s Rene di Rosa introduced grapes to the Carneros region, but ultimately it was contemporary art that became his passion. Set on 217 acres, di Rosa is home to the foremost collection of Bay Area art in the world. With nearly 2,000...  Read More

Bale Grist Mill State Historic Park
Photo courtesy of Brian Welsh


Built in 1846, Bale Grist Mill is home to one of the largest waterwheels in the country. The fully restored water-powered mill still grinds grain the old-fashioned way using its original set of French Buhr millstones. Tours and milling...  Read More

Cameo Cinema
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When the Cameo Cinema opened its doors in 1913, it was called the G&G Theater and tickets cost a whopping five cents. In its 100-plus year history the theater has hosted movies, theatrical events and vaudeville productions. Over the decades the...  Read More

Kayak Napa Valley
Photo courtesy of Dana Rebmann


Whether you're a pro or first time kayaker, the Napa River doesn't disappoint. It doesn't matter how many times you've looked at the river, being on it, paddling, gives you a new perspective of wine country. Floating through the busy heart of...  Read More



When the Uptown Theatre opened its doors in 1937, it was a grand art deco style movie house that attracted guests like Clark Gable and Carol Lombard. Today, it still attracts big names, but instead of movies, live performances take center stage...  Read More



If you're craving it, chances are good you'll find it at Oxbow's Public Market. Located in downtown Napa, along the Napa River, Oxbow Public Market is stocked with food almost too pretty to eat. Come hungry, because huevos rancheros at C Casa,...  Read More


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Dana Rebmann moved from San Francisco to Wine Country in search of sunshine. Amazing wine and food was a delightful bonus.

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