Suave and sophisticated, this California-style seafood restaurant attracts a nightly ensemble of Orange County's elite, all clamoring to be part of the scene, whether in the sleek martini bar or at one of the handsomely dressed tables in the main dining room. While the menu is as contemporary as the decor, the bar seems to attract the most attention – it's constantly full of beautiful people dressed to the nines, posing and posturing with the house's 230 Martini in hand.

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Bustling, lively Cohiba takes the Latin penchant for rhythm and builds a club around it, plying visitors with DJs and live bands who shake up the night with sounds of jazz, salsa, R&B, reggae, hip-hop, and even Top 40. Where the music shines, the people dance, and so it is here. The multi-roomed venue holds lots of patrons, and everyone lets the energy subsume them, showing off their most practiced moves. If you're just in the mood to relax amid the activity, that's possible as well.

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Downtown Disney® Dist

Devoted to Mediterranean fare, this Downtown Disney® District charmer features a temple-like facade, and its outdoor pavilion makes it a favorite with the young, trendy crowd. Downstairs at Uva Bar (a trendy, Spanish-style watering hole), superb cocktails and brilliant tapas are available; upstairs, diners in a refined setting are wowed by intrepid dishes hailing from France, Greece, Italy, and the Middle East. Featured items include roasted duck breast over polenta, paella à la Valencia, and diver scallops with applewood-smoked bacon risotto.

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Dimly lit and swathed in red, this long-lived bar has been around in some incarnation or other since 1925. These days, it's known for hosting local bands of all persuasions from those putting forth indie rock to those touting ska, soul, rockabilly, funk, and more. Arrange for a booth, reserve the private room, or take your chances with what remains. Either way, you're certain to enjoy the lounge-y vibe and the top-notch tunes, not to mention the stout, well-poured drinks.

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A sleek, urban refuge from the day-to-day world is what Red promises. With its onyx-faced bar, mood-setting lighting and low-slung furniture, the place considers itself a slice of transported SoBe cool. The characterization is largely apt, and even an outdoor patio makes the case for Florida cachet. DJs and live performers bring the place alive, and you'll always find a good scene on the dance floor. Drinks are stiff, with prices to match.

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