Certain restaurants are known for their expertise at turning out signature dishes really well. They've pinned down the ingredients, mastered the process, and gained a strong following as a result. Orange County has had much success cultivating great restaurants and creating a substantial market for Seafood. Locals can't get enough of the city's excellent food, and you'll often find them, along with eager tourists, at popular Savannah Steak & Chop House or at 230 Forest, a major player in the field. Make sure you see what all the fuss is about!

230 Forest

Suave and sophisticated, this California-style seafood restaurant attracts Orange County's elite, all clamoring to be part of the scene, whether in the sleek martini bar or at one of the handsomely dressed tables in the main dining room. The...  Read More

Fresh, oak-grilled seafood and artichoke appetizers are specialties at this quirky mainstay, which has been wowing local crowds since the early '70s. Indulge in pan-seared jumbo scallops with miso-sesame vinaigrette or caramelized Skeena River...  Read More

Claes Restaurant

For seafood with an Asian flair, locals head to this charmer, which sits right on the beach and serves deliciously sinful portions of Manila clams with cha soba noodles, rock shrimp linguini with chili-lemon pasta, Cajun-style tilapia, and...  Read More


Set incredibly close to the water, this superb restaurant manages to remain a relative secret among savvy diners, who quietly heap praise on Splashes' fabulous fare and rave about spectacular sunset views from the romantic patio. Featured dishes...  Read More

Original Fish Company

This casual, hidden-away seafood shack has established quite a reputation for itself over the years. The decor is little more than a step above that of a neighborhood diner, but the kitchen removes any doubts about the cuisine with superb...  Read More

One of Newport's more exclusive restaurants, chic Bayside has garnered quite a reputation for itself, thanks to deftly-prepared seafood and an atmosphere more Beverly Hills than Orange County. A favorite with the young, trendy crowd, Bayside is...  Read More