Too Much for One Trip: Best Attractions in San Francisco

Tony Bennett would hate to reduce his beloved San Francisco to ten heart-stealing attractions. And with new visitor's centers at Lands End and the Golden Gate Bridge, as well as the massive construction around the new Salesforce Tower downtown,  San Francisco is adding new features almost by the hour.

What's driving all the construction of new activities and sights-to-see is that San Francisco is still flush with tech money. Although there's no end in sight to this latest bubble, grab your chance to see San Francisco at its latest "height."

On top of world class opera, symphony and museums, visitors can come any time of year and enjoy world-class hiking and outdoor activities. The only thing that stands in your way is usually a little chilly fog - which is actually free-air conditioning and excellent for the skin, by the way.

The only bad news about a trip to San Francisco is that there's no way you can cover everything in one visit. On the bright side, you'll discover endless reasons to come back.

But if you only have time for ten things in Mr. Bennett's city by the bay, here are our top suggestions.

Cable Cars
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In San Francisco, a cable car ride is a must! The city's signature mode of transport is perfectly equipped to tackle steep hills, and since their premiere in 1873, cars have run the same way " by gripping huge loops of steel that constantly...  Read More

Half Moon Bay
Sea Forager Tours
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Educational and entertaining for the entire family, a tour with Kirk Lombard along the Pacific Coast is not to be missed. If you really want to understand how important the ocean, bays, and rivers are to the health of the entire San Francisco...  Read More



The Exploratorium believes the fundamental childhood traits of being playful and curious should be fostered for a lifetime. Founder Frank Oppenheimer believed in intertwining art and science to make learning attractive and memorable through...  Read More



Like the cable cars and the Golden Gate Bridge, Fisherman's Wharf is quintessential San Francisco. It's often the first destination for tourists, and its particular brand of energy mixes newcomer excitement, retail kitsch, a strong maritime...  Read More

Lands End Visitors Center
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This brand new visitor's center is worth the drive or bus fare to the end of Geary Boulevard. Besides framing unforgettable views of the Pacific Ocean, the center offers great gifts and mementos, as well as a small but impressive cafe stocked by...  Read More

Golden Gate Park
Golden Gate Park
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Considered the largest cultivated urban park in the country, this incredible haven boasts more than 1000 acres of gardens, meadows and woodlands. The park stretches three miles inland from the Bay, and within its bounds are the de Young Museum,...  Read More



It's hard to imagine a trip to San Francisco without a Chinatown visit. Whether you make the grand entrance into Chinatown beneath the dramatic portal at Grant Avenue and Bush Street, or perhaps just happen upon the district while making your...  Read More



We're starting off this list with the Ferry Building because, whether by boat, car, bus, trolley or foot, all points lead from the San Francisco Ferry Building. Whether you want to hike the hills of North Beach, push through the bustle of...  Read More

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Once just an old prison, Alcatraz is enjoying a makeover as a native plant conservatory and historical "must-see." During Alcatraz's 34 years as a prison, most of its inmates were simply high-risk escapees and troublemakers. Still, the prison...  Read More

Golden Gate Bridge
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One of the world's most famous bridges, the Golden Gate spans 6450 feet and links San Francisco to Marin County. Completed in 1937 at a cost of $35 million, the "Bridge That Could Not Be Built" is now a landmark visible from many points around...  Read More


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