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Hit the Town like a Pro Near Santa Clara's Levi's Stadium

Let's be honest: when it comes to a wide selection of exciting nightlife opportunities, almost no city in the world can touch San Francisco

With all the tech money pouring in, the Mission District has become as wild and as daring as ever. The smells and sights of Chinatown remains just as exotic, too, and what can beat a romantic night strolling up Columbus Avenue of North Beach past adorable Italian cafes?

Throw in a world-class symphony and opera, plus a museum that offers the hippest, night-time adult programming around, and there's literally something for everyone in San Francisco.

But there's definitely something to be said for getting that party started as soon as possible.

Case in point: you've just walked out of a 49ers game. You are a big-time fan, and they have demolished their opponent. You are part of a sea of 49ers red jerseys pumped to keep that boisterous tailgate party that started well before kick-off going all night. What do you do?

You check out our list of local bars and nightclubs, all of them eager to meet your needs. They might not all be the fanciest of establishments, but they are close by and staffed by hard-core football fans who want to celebrate just as bad as you.

And if you happen to be a fan of the 49er's opponent that day, don't worry: all is fair in love and football. Especially after the game when some serious partying should be enjoyed by all.


Outlying Areas

The food is excellent, but the bar area and drink selection is exotic and surprising, too. If you've just finished the 49ers game, and you want a change of pace from being surrounded by rowdy fans, check out Thaibodia. Featuring Cambodian cuisine, it's definitely different than other nightlife haunts near Levi's Stadium in Santa Clara. But even if you're not hungry, the bar is lively and the hosts are incredibly friendly. And, in pricey Silicon Valley, it's hard to beat bottled beer starting at $3 - and that's regular price, not happy hour. Add an impressive wine selection that starts at $4 a glass, you might start with drinks and finish with dinner at Thaibodia.

Recommended for Nightlife near Levi's Stadium because: Thaibodia is a good nightlife choice for those who want something a bit different.

Tom's expert tip: Even if you're there for the nightlife, don't pass up their yummy spring rolls.

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Classic, hole-in-the-wall sports lounge. Nothing fancy, but it works. Woodhams Sports Lounge is a great choice for those who enjoyed a game at Levi's Stadium and just want that boisterous, post-victory feeling to go on into the late, late night. Those who are out-of-town will get to meet and experience some diehard 49er fans who are ready and willing to talk your ear off about their favorite team. Offers good drink specials and the karaoke night is very popular. Pool tables are available in the back. Check their calendar for live bands, as well a Comedy Night on most Monday nights.

Recommended for Nightlife near Levi's Stadium because: This is a classic sports bar for those who want their boisterous day at Levi's to continue on into the night.

Tom's expert tip: Owner/Bartender Amanda does her best to make everyone feel right at home.

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Outlying Areas

If you've just finished a game at Levi's Stadium and are thinking about where to go for drinks or a night out afterwards, ask yourself if you enjoyed the Levi's Satadium experience. Did you like being in a large crowd, as opposed to a smaller one? Did you like a large and professional staff who seem expertly trained in handling large crowds? If you say yes to both, consider continuing your night at La Fontana. Since it's within the Santa Clara Hilton, you'll get a similar "big-service" feel from this restaurant as you did at Levi's Stadium. The lobby lounge is becoming more and more popular by the day.

Recommended for Nightlife near Levi's Stadium because: La Fontana is a popular nightlife spot for the Silicon Valley tech crowd, as well as a good option for football fans from Levi's Stadium.

Tom's expert tip: In addition to excellent food, La Fontana has a lively bar scene, as well.

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Clean and comfortable sushi lounge in the Hyatt Regency in Santa Clara. Excellent option for before or after a 49er game. Part of the larger "Truya" family of sushi in Silicon Valley, the Saki and Sushi Lounge is closest option for those near Levi's Stadium. But all of the locations strive to be the best sushi in Silicon Valley, which is quite a feat. Featuring Nigiri, Creative Maki, Te Maki and Sashimi, Saki and Sushi Lounge is staffed with experts who can answer any and all questions about sushi. And if you're just here for the nightlife, this is a popular spot for both tourists and the hip Silicon Valley crowd.

Recommended for Nightlife near Levi's Stadium because: Saki Sushi offers a fun nightlife option as well as an excellent dining option for those near Levi's Stadium.

Tom's expert tip: Try the Sushi Deluxe: six pieces of California Roll, six pieces of Tekka Roll and ten pieces of Nigiri Roll.

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Bogarts is a good spirited lounge with karaoke and special events like trivia night. This isn't a fancy wine-tasting type atmosphere, however. It's a bare necessities type bar that offers lots of fun options. Excellent choice for those that want to really let their hair down after a 49ers game at Levi's Stadium. Whether you're a fan of the 49ers or not, you'll find plenty of people eager and willing to rub elbows with you and just have an all-around good time. Biggest crowds usually happen on the always popular karaoke night. Check their weekly calendar for other events such as live music.

Recommended for Nightlife near Levi's Stadium because: Bogarts if close to Levis Stadium and offers an eclectic crowd and lots of entertainment.

Tom's expert tip: Don't miss the karaoke night - lots of fun!

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Fun-spirited sports bar that also features karaoke and live DJs, what separates Normandy House may be its impressive selection of games: air hockey, foosball, darts, pool and shuffleboard. But there's also a resurgence of "classic" video games in the Bay Area, and Normandy House Lounge has two of the best: Street Fighter Plus and Big Buck Hunter. Game on! So if you finish watching the football game at nearby Levi's Stadium, and your competitive juices are flowing, then head to Normandy House Lounge. You might not get paid like a pro, but at least you can pretend you're a pro.

Recommended for Nightlife near Levi's Stadium because: Normandy House Lounge has a fun staff who mix great drinks - a perfect combination for before or after a game at Levi's Stadium.

Tom's expert tip: Proud supporter of the "Silicon Valley Roller Girls."

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Outlying Areas

Young, hip and tech-inspired nightclub near Levi's Stadium in Santa Clara. This is the kind of mammoth, professional-level club that you'd find in San Francisco. If you want that kind of big dance floor DJ experience after a football game at Levi's Stadium but don't want to head all the way back to San Francisco, Taste Nightclub is a great option for you. Besides a full-stocked bar with expert bartenders, Taste specializes in California Comfort food. That means you'll get familiar dishes but made with only the best California ingredients around. The tasty meals will keep you on the dance floor all night long.

Recommended for Nightlife near Levi's Stadium because: Taste is the kind of premium, large nightclub you might find in San Francisco - but's in Santa Clara by Levi's Stadium.

Tom's expert tip: Great options for large groups.

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Comfortable and sophisticated lounge that celebrates all things tech with some great Happy Hour specials. Located close to Levi's Stadium, Evolution Bar and Cafe is a great choice for those football fans who want to meet the "techies" who are driving the latest technological craze is Silicon Valley. From Apple to Twitter to Linked In, there's no telling what big-time tech companies the person sipping a cocktail next to you is working for. They might not be as big as an NFL football player, but they could be making just as much money...! Offering ten draft beers on tap and over twenty different wines by the glass.

Recommended for Nightlife near Levi's Stadium because: Evolution Bar and Cafe is a good choice for football fans who also want to get a taste of the "tech" culture of Silicon Valley.

Tom's expert tip: Definitely one of the best Happy Hours in the area: 50% off an appetizer with purchase of an alcoholic beverage.

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Outlying Areas

Good-natured brew pub that specializes in beers with only natural and organic ingredients. With a two-level dining room and a spacious patio that overlooks a small pond and fountain. The restaurant describes itself as "a fusion of brewing expertise, culinary artistry, experienced and friendly staff with a relaxing yet vibrant ambiance." The beers brewed are traditional but with a California "foodie" twist: no artificial flavorings or additives. With over twenty-five different ales and lagers brewed throughout the year, The Faultline Brewery will make even the biggest beer "snob" happy on game day. Speaking of football games at nearby Levi's Stadium, the serious football fan should check out their "Breakfast and Shuttle" special.

Recommended for Nightlife near Levi's Stadium because: Faultline Brewery is a great choice for drinks either before or after a 49ers game at Levi's Stadium.

Tom's expert tip: For the serious football fan, check out their "Breakfast and Shuttle" package that gets you fed and to the game.

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Quarter Note Bar & Grille
Photo courtesy of Jeong Kang Evans

The Quarter Note Bar is located close to Levi's Stadium, which makes it a great choice for watching the Superbowl. Best known for its outstanding live music schedule, which happens every night except Tuesday Karaoke. Wave magazine awarded Quarter Note "Best Live Music in the South Bay" for multiple years. Besides music, the Quarter Note has a fantastic selection of beers on tap, plus plenty of room for pool and darts. If you can't afford a ticket to the Superbowl - like most of humanity - then get as close to the action and hype as possible by watching the game at Quarter Note Bar.

Recommended for Nightlife near Levi's Stadium because: Quarter Note Bar is loved by locals and a great spot for the Big Game.

Tom's expert tip: Only one exit from Levi's Stadium, so it's a great bar for the Superbowl.

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