Going out to eat isn't always about cravings. Often enough, mealtimes dictate our choices, limiting restaurant possibilities. When circumstances narrow the options, let 10Best help. We'll direct you to the best Lunch restaurants in San Francisco and save you the hassle of calling around for business hours. 10Best readers find much to enjoy at Town's End Restaurant and Bakery thanks to its all-around good offerings. It's also hard to beat Mama's on Washington Square, which serves just what you're looking for when you're in the market for a great Lunch.

Dottie's True Blue Café

A little homey, a little kitschy and a lot of good. If you crave homemade breakfast foods and substantial portions, Dottie's is definitely the place to go. In the morning, wonderful pancakes, French toast, frittatas and baked goods bring...  Read More


Chef Orlando Pagan imbues every dish he creates with practiced culinary expertise. Among the options are crab ravioli, steak-cut ahi with tobiko caviar, and Charlie's sea scallop sandwich, a Silks' signature. If you can't decide on an individual...  Read More

For generations, this small eatery has been delighting seafood lovers from all over the city. Distinguished by a marble counter and pull-up stools, the place puts all its attention on fresh shellfish, especially just-shucked oysters. You can...  Read More

Tadich Grill

Old-school classics are the rule here, and for more than 150 years, the place has thrived on simplicity, a great menu, and time-tested hospitality. Seafood is the standard, prepared a variety of ways (mesquite-grilled, baked in a casserole) and...  Read More

Hayes Street Grill

In a comfortable, simply adorned space, Hayes Street Grill delivers some of the city's best seafood, as it has since 1979. The menu changes daily, depending on what's fresh at local markets, and chefs often collaborate to create a unified...  Read More

Grand Café

Atmosphere, the highlight of Grand Café, is established by classical columns, elegant chandeliers, and gracious service. Chef Mauro Pando's menu features pan-roasted salmon, beef, and white beans in red wine sauce, and spinach salad with pears,...  Read More

This much-loved mainstay has evolved into one of San Fran's favorite restaurants. The interior features Southwestern accents, but the food takes cues from California, France, Italy, and the Mediterranean. Fresh oysters at the bar make a good...  Read More

At La Taqueria, you'll not only get a great Mexican meal, but you'll save a little cash too! The menu specializes in burritos, tacos, and quesadillas served with beef, pork, sausage, or chicken. Carne asada comes highly praised, and chorizo...  Read More

When you walk into Kokkari, you'll feel as if you've been transported to an Aegean isle. The inviting interior features a huge fireplace and comfortable chairs, hinting at the coziness of the place. Chef Erik Cosselmon completes the scene with a...  Read More

Campton Place Restaurant
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Peaceful, romantic Campton Place sits within a European-style luxury hotel, a fact not unnoticed in the restaurant's Continental cuisine. Swiss-born chef Daniel Humm places a premium on simple, high-quality ingredients, and his affinity for...  Read More