It's Vacation, Sleep In: Best Brunch Spots in San Francisco

What says vacation better than brunch? It's that rule-breaker, that black sheep in the orderly, daily family of meals that say, "Hey I'll eat what I want when I want it!"

Anyone who has ever been on a successful vacation knows that getting in the right, adventurous spirit goes a long ways towards everyone having a good time. We recommend you have at least one brunch on your San Francisco vacation because brunch shakes up the daily routine, that normal 9-5 day that we all have to endure in order to save up enough money to go on vacations in the first place. Once you're on vacation, there's no better way to say goodbye to the mundane than shaking up the schedule with some brunch, that crazy meal that answers to no one.

Feel like a shrimp cocktail at 11 am? Why not? It's vacation and you're eating brunch! How about some champagne with that? Yes sir! I'm at brunch!

We'll direct you to the best Brunch restaurants in San Francisco and save you the hassle of calling around for business hours. 10Best readers find much to enjoy at Baker Street Bistro thanks to its all-around good offerings. It's also hard to beat Kate's Kitchen, which serves just what you're looking for when you're in the market for a great Brunch.



Absinthe recalls the days of Dorothy Parker and her circle of witty, sardonic critics. Along with dicing celebrities, they took great pleasure in good food and drink. Plenty of both can be found here, and weekend brunch is especially delightful....  Read More



When you're not in the mood for an ordinary brunch, head to Brenda's French Soul Food. If you think there's an interesting chef behind the idea of pairing French with soul, you're absolutely right. Chef Brenda brought her unique vision from a ...  Read More

Nob Hill


This Nob Hill brunch spot offers Bay Area diners a comfortable, bistro-style atmosphere and refreshing mid-morning eats. The menu is centered around fresh organic produce, much of which is gathered from local farms, and changes depending on...  Read More

Marina District
Baker Street Bistro


Don't be taken aback if the lively owner of this cozy brunch spot hails you from the street, inviting you into the comfortable neighborhood bistro. Expertly prepared food is a mainstay, and pastries (like raspberry and apple turnovers) almost...  Read More

Mama's on Washington Square


Act fast and early if you're thinking about Mama's because after lunch you're out of luck. And you certainly don't want to miss their array of perfectly prepared breakfast foods. Generous portions are standard, whether you order a fluffy omelet,...  Read More



Set pleasantly away from San Francisco's main restaurant drags, Universal is a small culinary treasure. Expansive front windows, an open kitchen, and a slight industrial appeal lend an unpretentious air, and patrons can't say enough good things...  Read More

Presidio Heights


Brunch at Ella's is a fantastic experience, thanks largely to wonderful American cuisine and a menu that changes weekly. The casual dining room is usually crowded, and brunch can often demand a wait, so don't come famished. The pancakes and...  Read More

Cole Valley


While Bay Area brunch restaurants are not hard to come by, Zazie's is one of a few local gems that keeps customers coming back despite its long, out-the-door lines. The eatery is renowned for its gingerbread pancakes but also features more...  Read More

Lower Haight


This down-to-earth restaurant has folks lining up for brunch and breakfast favorites and their especially out-of-this-world ginger-peach pancakes. Biscuits and gravy and hushpuppies add a bit of Southern comfort to early morning fare, and egg...  Read More

Photo courtesy of Gather


If you want a breakfast or brunch chock full of the freshest and most locally sourced ingredients, you can't go wrong with a brunch at Gather. As the name suggests, this modern but inviting restaurant emphasizes the central importance of food in...  Read More


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