For San Francisco's Sensitive Sweet Tooth: Get Your Gluten-Free Goodies Here

The Bay Area has not only embraced but started many food movements. AliceWaters' famous restaurant, Chez Panise in Berkeley, practically spawned the entire organic food movement in this country. And the idea to eat locally sourced food has been practiced in the Bay Area for decades. So it was only a matter of time before gluten-free menus would cover this progressive place.

Unlike gluten-free dinner or lunch menus, gluten-free desserts and baked goods are a specific challenge since most flours and baking recipes involve gluten. If you're eating a muffin, a slice of toast, a piece of cake or just a plain old bagel, you're almost certainly eating gluten. Even oats can contain gluten because most oats are mass produced and can be contaminated with wheat products that contain gluten. 

Determining what has gluten is only the first step. Getting the gluten out can be tricky, since removing gluten can also involve removing some of the beneficial vitamins and minerals connected to gluten. The bakeries below are conscious of replacing the benefits, though. For example, instead of using wheat, some bakeries will use nutritious brown or white rice flour. And instead of using a standard but necessary starch in baklng, bakeries may use potato starch or tapioca starch as a substitute.

Whatever these bakeries decided to take out, rest assured there's one thing they decided to leave in: great taste. 



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DeLessio Market & Bakery


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Tartine Bakery


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