Treats for Your Temple: 10 Healthiest Restaurants in San Francisco

Some cities say they are concerned about health, but only San Francisco puts its money (and tofu) where its mouth is. For example, in 2010, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors voted to ban toys in Happy Meals, deciding that the trinkets lured kids into an unhealthy diet.  

This kind of progressive (some might argue radical) approach to diet has been a signature mark of California cuisine ever since Chez Panise opened years ago in Berkeley.  Like the ancient Greeks, San Franciscans believe that food is medicine. If you share that belief, our list will get you to the healthiest restaurants in San Francisco.

If you want to go vegan, you can't go wrong with Greens, which also offers a stunning view of San Francisco Bay. If you want a taste of the latest "foodie" trends, try out Source, which offers one of the more experimental and daring menus in the city.

Whatever restaurant you choose, rest assured that your body will thank you for the meal. All of the restaurants offer locally sustained and organic fare, so the planet will owe you one, too. And since you'll be eating meat, fish, fruits and vegetables grown and raised right in the Bay Area, you'll be taking a healthy bite out of California itself. Bon appetite!



Specializing in fish, Pacific Catch combines innovative cooking styles from Asia, Latin America and Hawaii with fresh, local ingredients to create a California-style cuisine all its own. Patron favorites include the raved-about island fish tacos...  Read More



Vegetarian restaurants can be expensive in the city, but Shangri-La is a good option if you want excellent Chinese food at a reasonable price. Shangri-La has been around since 1978 and doesn't do vegetarian as a gimmick; everyone who works there...  Read More

Waterfront Restaurant


For more than a generation, Waterfront has tempted diners with a host of fresh seafood offerings. These days, with renewed interest in the Embarcadero, the upscale restaurant enjoys an added dose of attention. Its amazing views of the Bay, and...  Read More



Owners and partners Tim and Erin Archuleta have put their heart and soul into this small, popular sushi restaurant. Since opening, ICHI Sushi has won Best of the Bay in five outlets, was named one of Zagat San Francisco Bay Area Guide 2013's Top...  Read More

Noe Valley


Marked only by the image of a firefly, this neighborhood restaurant features a fabric-draped ceiling and impeccable seasonal cuisine. Local, organic ingredients play a major role in the menu, especially in favorites like shrimp and scallop...  Read More



For consistent food at easy-to-swallow prices, head to Pluto's, which is known for fast service in a cafeteria setting. The menu has an abundance of chicken and beef entrees, along with salads, sandwiches and appetizers. Indulge in an order of...  Read More



When a big popular tend like gluten-free comes along, it's definitely important to distinguish the posers from the true believers. If you want to eat where they take gluten - or the lack of it - very seriously, head to one of the Plant's six...  Read More

DOSA on Valencia


Dosa provides some of the finest authentic Indian Cuisine in San Francisco. The restaurant derives its name from its specialty dish, the dosa, which is similar to a crepe, it is made from rice & lentils (no wheat) and served with a variety...  Read More



Herbivore promotes the idea that a thoughtfully prepared, plant-based menu with just the right amount of spices can be just as yummy as any meat-centered menu. And, unlike some of the San Francisco restaurants that serve a "healthy" menu with a...  Read More

Marina District
Greens Restaurant
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Greens, one of the city's finest vegetarian establishments, is owned and operated by the San Francisco Zen Center, which helps supply it with organic produce. Inside the voluminous space, diners are afforded spectacular views of the Golden Gate...  Read More


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