Most Romantic Spots to Make Out in Santa Barbara

It's no surprise that so many people get married in Santa Barbara. This California beach town is a lovers' paradise. Fresh ocean breezes, swaying palms, sunny skies and glorious sunsets are par for the course here. 

Regular folks tie the knot in Santa Barbara every weekend. And so do celebrities. Drew Barrymore got married here, so did Laurence Olivier and Fergie (not to each other, of course). Even Kim Kardashian celebrated her nuptials in Santa Barbara... the second time around.

But, wait, dear reader! We may be putting the cart before the horse. Not everyone who visits Santa Barbara is getting hitched.

Are you planning a romantic trip to Santa Barbara? A weekend with your special someone, perhaps, but without the fanfare of a wedding?

We've got you covered.

If you're looking for a place to make out in Santa Barbara, this is the list for you. Whether you prefer a little al fresco smooch or carefully coordinated magic moment, this list of the 10 most romantic attractions in Santa Barbara will steer you in the right direction. Lock lips in a helicopter, steal a caress in the clock tower... this guide is essentially the choose-your-own-adventure version of a romantic novel. 

So what will it be, Romeo?



If you're looking for a romantic wine country experience, Rusack Vineyards is the perfect place for a picnic with a view. Being on the smaller side for a vineyard (situated on just 48 acres), Rusack crafts their wines using both estate grapes...  Read More



For a date that's out of this world, why not steal a kiss than inside the city's only planetarium? A giant skeleton of a blue whale (his name is Chad) greets you at the entrance to the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History, letting you know...  Read More

Eat This Shoot That Santa Barbara Food and Wine Tours
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Do you love food? Is your sweetheart a wine enthusiast? Are you that couple who always has their cameras at hand on trips and during meals? If you answered "yes" to any of those questions - and especially if you answered "yes" to all of these...  Read More



Put on your best duds and catch a show at the Granada Theatre, Santa Barbara's most splendid and impressive performing arts venue. Originally built in 1924, the theater underwent a dramatic restoration about a decade ago and, boy, is it...  Read More



Butterfly Beach is perfect for romantic strolls. Bring a bottle of champagne and take a seat on the rock wall that lines the upper part of the beach, offering a comfortable vantage point with stunning views (even on not-so-sunny days). Another...  Read More

Santa Barbara


Be a prince (or princess) and take your date on a sunset hike to a castle! Built in 1916, this rich man's "castle" was destroyed by a fire in 1940, leaving only crumbling stone ruins with a clear view of the hills, town and sea. This scenic spot...  Read More



Whether you want to get hitched, steal a kiss or enjoy a picnic, the Santa Barbara County Courthouse is the place to do it. Considered one of the most beautiful government buildings in America, there are three sights you absolutely cannot miss...  Read More

Santa Ynez


Self-driven wine tour? Anyone can do that. How about a horseback wine tour? Now that's the stuff that lifelong memories are made of! If you're looking for a Central Coast vineyard experience that is unforgettable, this is it. Hit the dusty trail...  Read More

Santa Barbara


Take to the high seas with your sweetheart. Santa Barbara is a great place to go whale watching, and the Condor Express is one of the best-loved tours around. For over 30 years, the Condor Express crew has been setting out to sea in search of...  Read More



Head over heels and over the moon? Take your love to the skies for a surprisingly reasonable price with Santa Barbara Helicopter Tours. View Santa Barbara's breathtaking coastline from miles above and go home with incredible photos or videos of...  Read More


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Geneva Ives moved to Santa Barbara in 2000 on a whim (ok, and to go to college) and never looked back. She loves Santa Barbara because it’s really one of America’s greatest small towns - it...  More About Geneva