Shop Sunny Santa Barbara like a Pro

Locals in Santa Barbara like to shop. After all, there are summer BBQs, beach weddings, charity galas, bike races and much more to prepare for, each with their own dress code and necessary accessories. Fortunately, this charming resort town has numerous venues to suit every (real or imagined) need, from small, locally owned boutiques to nationally beloved department stores.

Visitors often don’t know where to begin when they first arrive in Santa Barbara. State Street is very long with only a small portion of it dedicated to shops and restaurants. To make things a little trickier, our beautiful Spanish style architecture subtly camouflages some of the busiest retail hubs. Add in the fact that many boutiques are tucked away on nearby side streets, and you’ve got yourself a real puzzle.

Luckily, you’ve also got this list, including some of our most unique shops, so you can experience your very own "only in Santa Barbara" shopping adventure. Pick up a new bikini at A Tropical Affair or snap up a unique souvenir at Plum Goods

Even though this list focuses on shops in the heart of downtown Santa Barbara, it's important to remember there are other great shopping zones, too, specifically in the neighboring areas of Montecito and Summerland. Both are just a short drive away!



If you have a soft spot for elegant outdoor living in general - and succulents in specific - make a bee line for Botanik in the sleepy beach town of Summerland, just south of Santa Barbara. Botanik is home to the prettiest planted succulent...  Read More



Looking for a standout gift? Do you enjoy antiques, jewelry and whimsical home goods? You do?! Well then Lewis & Clark is the destination for you. Located in the charming La Arcada courtyard, this small shop is packed with treasures that...  Read More



Wendy Foster is a gorgeous, high-end women's fashion boutique located in the center of downtown that epitomizes Santa Barbara style. Look for classic shapes in luxury fabrics as well as seasonal pieces with a Southern California-vibe. In...  Read More



Vinyl records still exist. Better yet, new ones are constantly in production. But where do you go to buy them? Why, the local record store, of course. Enter Warbler Records & Goods, Santa Barbara's most awesome (in this expert's opinion)...  Read More



A store for shoppers of all ages, whether you're a group of art afficionados or not. The Santa Barbara Museum of Art Store is home to an assortment of treasures and souvenirs that you won't find anywhere else. Of course there are wonderful art...  Read More



For those with a love of all things vintage, Punch Interieur is a little slice of heaven right on State Street. The candy colors and sparkling surfaces might momentarily overwhelm your senses upon arrival, but as soon as you eyes adjust and have...  Read More

Plum Goods
Photo courtesy of Plum Goods


Plum Goods is Santa Barbara's only store that features recycled, handmade, and fair trade goods exclusively. Owner Amy Cooper believes you should "love where you live - your home, your town, your planet - and love what you give - of yourself, to...  Read More



Lovebird is an adorable boutique that features locally crafted jewelry and other beautiful (and often affordable) adornments for women. Owner Jennifer Scarbrough designs and makes most of the jewelry pieces herself, giving you the opportunity to...  Read More

DIANI Boutique
Photo courtesy of Lola Boutique


A calm haven for beachy fashionistas, DIANI Boutique specializes in quality, fashion forward women's apparel with a sophisticated yet relaxed vibe. Designer pieces by Cynthia Vincent, Lemlem, Theory, Isabel Marant and many more hang from...  Read More

A Tropical Affair Lingerie & Bikinis
Photo courtesy of Heather Taylor


If you're in search of an itsy, bitsy, teeny, weeny, yellow polka dot bikini (or pair of frilly panties), this boutique is the place to be! A shopping mainstay in Santa Barbara for over a decade, A Tropical Affair carries designer lingerie and...  Read More


Meet Geneva Ives

Geneva Ives moved to Santa Barbara in 2000 on a whim (ok, and to go to college) and never looked back. She loves Santa Barbara because it’s really one of America’s greatest small towns - it...  More About Geneva