From Boutiques to Outlets, Ventura County Meets any Shopper's Needs

From all the shops and stores in a city, 10Best narrows the options to those places with the most appeal and the best offerings. We deliver a carefully vetted selection to let you explore Oxnard shopping on your own. If time is really tight, though, and you don't have the leisure to look through all our offerings, we present our Best Shopping list for Oxnard. Here, we distill the best businesses down to a special selection of ten. These places promise a stellar experience and a taste of the city that you just can't miss. Shopping centers such as the Pacific View Mall, The Collection at Riverpark or the Camarillo Outlets, are where you will find the largest congregations of National retailers. Other local shops such as Wet Sand or B on Main are favorite spots for unique and special finds. And did you know Ventura is home to Patagonia? Locals love to support quality goods and customer service--both in no shortage throughout the county! 10Best appreciates these same elements in tourism and is here to ensure every souvenir or new outfit is as special to you as the trip itself! Looking to fill some shopping bags? Let's start browsing, fitting, and buying!


The Collection at RiverPark is Oxnard's newest development. The outdoor area boasts of a Target, Whole Foods, REI and other retail stores, as well as several top notch restaurants and services. The new movie theater has become a favorite in town! There are grassy areas and art installments throughout the clean and organized grounds, having successfully brought in new businesses and customers with their stores, amenities and expansion plans. It is expected that The Collection will be one of Oxnard's most popular destinations for shopping, dining and special events. While some storefronts are still available and some are yet to open, the entire center is expected to fill up fast considering the amount of business and traffic that has already been directed towards the area. Locals are excited for a new introduction of retailers and the city is ecstatic at their show of support.

Recommended for Ventura's Best Shopping because: The Collection is Oxnard's newest shopping center, introducing new shops and restaurants to the area.

Tori's expert tip: Watch their event schedule for concerts and festivals!

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Great Pacific Iron Works, better known for its retail name of Patagonia, is the storefront for the company behind infamous environmental movements and the documentary 180 South. Their high quality clothing ranges from light summer dresses to some of the warmest parkas available. The quality of the clothes is often considered to be the very best and Patagonia stands behind each and every article. Their designs and materials are popular not just among locals but outdoorsman of all kinds. The company's appreciation for outdoor living and dressing to withstand the elements has brought them renowned success and respect. While some pieces can be pricey, the retail location often hosts great sales and discounts.

Recommended for Ventura's Best Shopping because: Patagonia is a local company that represents a faucet of outdoor living celebrated by the Ventura area.

Tori's expert tip: While some pieces can be pricey, the retail location often hosts great sales and discounts.

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WetSand Surf Shop is a locally owned store on Ventura's Main Street that not only sells gear to surfers but also products and clothes geared towards a Southern California lifestyle and look. Their apparel selection includes top designer and surf brands, as well as their own lines of speciality graphic-wear. The store is home to gadgets of all kinds, everything from GoPros to the newest surf accessories. Locals love the shop just as much as tourists because of the store's support of the local community and goods, all while offering pieces of the small town's culture. Needless to say their selection of bathing suits and bikinis is also large, making it the perfect stop for summer shopping.

Recommended for Ventura's Best Shopping because: WetSand sells more than just surf gear, they sell surf style!

Tori's expert tip: Check out their social media for styling tips!

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It's easy to only wear one thing all summer long in Ventura County: your swimsuit. It's an investment locals find themselves making every year! Ventura Swimwear, located in the Harbor Village, has been a favorite retail store for locals and tourists for years. The shop carries swim wear for the entire family but a majority is for women. Their selection is unbeatable and their deals are often great incentives for girlfriends shopping together. They carry top surf and designer brands as well as flip flops, hats and other accessories. Ventura Swimwear has a large selection of sizes and shapes no matter your style and their selection of cover ups and dresses make pairing the perfect beach outfit hassle-free.

Recommended for Ventura's Best Shopping because: Ventura Swimwear is Ventura's one stop shop for that summer staple!

Tori's expert tip: Shop in the off-season for great deals and discounts.

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Main Street
Photo courtesy of Visit Ventura

A welcome break from ubiquitous chain stores and cookie-cutter mall complexes, this stretch of downtown makes a fabulous place to wander. Lining the street are book stores, antique shops, vintage clothing boutiques, and a variety of other independent merchants. Locals are always in support of the quaint shops offering special finds and unique shopping opportunities. Everything from custom formal wear to beach house trinkets, Main Street is your best bet to see something new. Restaurants can be found as well, from those with homestyle cooking to more upscale venues. In addition, many Ventura attractions are located in the vicinity. To maximize browsing, you'll want to concentrate on the area between Laurel and Ventura Avenues.

Recommended for Ventura's Best Shopping because: Main Street is home to several locally owned shops and services.

Tori's expert tip: Work your way down Main Street towards the ocean for a relaxing finish.

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A cross between a shopping center and an entertainment venue, Ventura Harbor Village consists of 33 acres of shops, restaurants, rental facilities for boats and kayaks, and cruise launches. Shops include speciality sea shell and hat shops, not to mention plenty of places to find those essential Ventura souvenirs. You'll also find a merry-go-round, a harborfront promenade, a Saturday fishermen's market, and a stage for various entertainments. A visitor center with gift shop helps orient visitors to the area, and a series of ceramic murals graces the complex with artistic beauty. A great destination whether you've got a specific mission in mind or simply want to hang out and take in the ambience.

Recommended for Ventura's Best Shopping because: The Ventura Harbor Village offers some the best views and ambiance of any shopping experience!

Tori's expert tip: Leave yourself enough time to enjoy the views and unique stores.

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Following extensive renovations that added space, light, and ocean views, the former Buenaventura Mall was fittingly renamed Pacific View. These days, the expansive complex is one of the most pleasant places to shop in the area. The mall has be known to offer some of America's favorite and most well known retailers, creating a comfortable shopping environment for locals and tourists alike. Anchor stores include Sears, Macy's and JCPenney. A variety of clothing, jewelry, electronics, and specialty goods can also be found, and the food court provides plenty of culinary options as well. There are even comfortable areas to relax in when you need a well-earned shopping break.

Recommended for Ventura's Best Shopping because: The Pacific View Mall is a reliable indoor mall that hosts favorite retailers and easy access.

Tori's expert tip: Always check the mall for special events in front of the fountain or in the center communal area!

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On the way to Los Angeles, this mall is a bit farther from Oxnard and Ventura than some other shopping venues but is a worthwhile destination nevertheless. Offering more than a million square feet of retail space, The Oaks has as its anchors Macy's, Nordstrom and JCPenney. In addition, you'll find Williams-Sonoma, Pottery Barn, Ann Taylor, Banana Republic, and the like. There are several sitting areas and friendly concierge services as well as outdoor and indoor spaces. With a food court, upscale dining, specialty stores and even a one of a kind Muvico movie theater, The Oaks is a mall that can be enjoyed morning to night.

Recommended for Ventura's Best Shopping because: Not only does The Oaks home to several favorite stores, but it is well kept with several amenities.

Tori's expert tip: Don't forget to take advantage of the outdoor shops and exclusive Muvico movie theater!

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B on Main is a Main Street boutique in Ventura that sells products for each men, women and home. The store is quaint and full of items both large and small. The store specialized in beach decor, including shells, suns and mermaids as well as the sunny and calming hues of yellow and blue. Walking through the front door feels just as you feel (or imagine you would feel) entering a beach house or cottage by the sea. It's been voted the city's best gift emporium for several years, filling itself with unique treasures you won't find at any major retailer. Many of the items are handmade and locally produced with others are just great gifts for friends, family, or yourself! B on Main showcases some of the best Ventura products and crafts, making it a must-stop for both locals and tourists.

Recommended for Ventura's Best Shopping because: B on Main sells what some would consider quintessential Ventura!

Tori's expert tip: Take your time and look at all the trinkets!

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Camarillo Premium Outlets

This stylish spread of outlet shops (more than 160) is enough to make die-hard shoppers shiver with delight. The thrill of discovering a bargain drives patrons to painstakingly browse numerous upscale venues; their reward, name-brand merchandise at discounted prices. Among the labels you'll encounter are Barneys New York, Banana Republic, Hugo Boss, Calvin Klein, Skechers, Coach, Villeroy & Boch, and Bose. The outlet center even recently expanded to include popular retail shops and fine dining, not to mention an expansion in parking that makes it easier to be near your favorite stores! A handy food court and restrooms can also be found in another section of the outlet.

Recommended for Ventura's Best Shopping because: With deals from your favorite retailers and luxury designers, the Camarillo Outlets offers quality shopping with the opportunity for some serious savings.

Tori's expert tip: A trip to the outlet can require an extensive amount of walking! Wear comfortable shoes and consider moving the car as you shop.

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