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With all of the things to do and see in a city, deciding how to spend your time can be quite an agonizing decision. 10best has narrowed all of the available attractions in Edmonton to a list of the most appealing and reputable, to aide in your decision making. You can rest easy knowing that any choice you make from our list is sure to please.


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This tribute to extravagance is almost overwhelming in scale and spectacle. The mall shelters more than 800 stores and over 110 restaurants, but that's just the beginning. There's also a wave pool, a roller coaster, amusement park, a lake, ice skating rink, dolphin lagoon, bungee jump, and a replica of Columbus' "Santa Maria" – all under one roof. You could literally spend days lulled by shopping and entertainment. The mall was built in four phases, and that's the way they suggest you tackle the edifice. If you need to occupy the time of kids, adults and seniors, cart everyone here and give them free rein. Just don't forget to establish a meeting time and place later on!

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Alberta has changed drastically throughout the course of its short history, and this museum illustrates how, through the advent of mechanization, it's all happened. Displays detail how farming, transportation and industry have been transformed by machinery. Galleries showcase vehicles, planes and agricultural equipment from the 1890s to the 1970s. Many of the machines are still used regularly, including the cars and planes for the entertainment of visitors, along with the tractors and threshers, which are used on farmland around the museum.

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This prestigious gallery presented its first exhibit, consisting primarily of borrowed art, in 1924. Now, more than 75 years later, the gallery maintains 5000 works in its permanent gallery, rotating them in a variety of exhibitions. The AGA also invites traveling displays and includes artists of local, national and international reputation. Among the media represented are drawing, sculpture, photography, painting and performance art. Tours and classes are available, as are a children's interactive gallery, gift shop and coffee bar. A sales gallery lets visitors purchase favorite works of art from Albertan artists.

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This is one of Canada's most popular museums. Situated in a park-like setting just west of downtown, the museum takes visitors on a journey through time and space to explore the human and natural history of western Canada. Behind the scenes, 13 curatorial programs are responsible for building and making accessible some of the finest human and natural history collections in the country. The Wild Alberta gallery is like no other museum experience in Canada – it is a journey across, over and even under Alberta's landscapes. With the award-winning Syncrude Gallery of Aboriginal Culture, The Natural History Gallery and feature galleries presenting world-class exhibitions from museums around the world, a trip to the Royal Alberta Museum lets you explore Alberta and discover the world!

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This outdoor park recreates various eras in Edmonton's history, down to period buildings and costumed guides. Visitors can tour a fort from the 19th-century fur-trading years and wander replicas of streets from 1885 (the frontier era), 1905 (the year Edmonton became Alberta's capital), and 1920 (a time of rapid growth). Transportation appropriate to each era (ponies, wagons, streetcars, trains) allows guests to ride in the style of the day, while games and shops offer diversions for kids and adults alike. Food is available, along with gifts and souvenirs. Great local flavor and fun for everyone.

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Edmonton's space and science center is a bonanza of delights for those who love the natural world. Exhibition galleries let you explore the mysteries of the body, the intricacies of crime-solving, the relationship between nature and weather, and the pioneering spirit of space exploration. There's also a display on sports that lets you jump into the action and a stage where live demonstrations about various scientific principles are presented. In the planetarium, you'll find star shows and laser-light spectacles, among other attractions. The IMAX theater alternates about 10 films on many different topics.

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Themed gardens and flowers of all varieties showcase their beauty at this 80-acre garden 30 minutes west of downtown. Wetland areas and wooded sites provide a striking contrast to the manicured Japanese garden and the alpine garden. There's also an herb garden, desert garden and a Native Peoples garden. Special beds are devoted, too, to irises, peonies, lilies, roses and even rhubarb. You'll also find a butterfly house that shelters delicate, tropical specimens and an orchid greenhouse complete with moisture-laden air and exquisite blooms. Gift shop and café available.

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Easily recognized by the glass pyramids that rise from the valley floor, this complex shelters hundreds of plant specimens. Three of the four pyramids maintain a particular climate (arid, temperate, or tropical) and its associated flora. A fourth pyramid has flowers that change according to the season. Also on the premises are an art gallery, a gift shop, and a café. If you're suffering from a cold-weather malaise, make sure to visit in the middle of winter so you can trade in frigid temperatures for an oasis of color and scent.

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Jet boats are shallow water craft that have no propellers to provide forward momentum, relying instead on the thrust from a jet of water that shoots out the back. They move fast and make thrillingly sharp turns. In addition to being adept at showing off the capabilities of their boats, captains are wonderfully knowledgeable and regale passengers with tales, legends and factoids about the river and Edmonton itself. A fun outing for the entire family. Reservations required; departs from the boat launch at Laurier Park.

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Approximately 30 restored buildings have been relocated to this site, creating a village similar to the ones Alberta's Ukrainian settlers would have known. The complex details the heritage of those immigrants who arrived in western Canada between 1892 and 1930. Costumed guides lead visitors through the buildings and explain Ukrainian culture and traditions. Horse-drawn wagon rides are especially great for the kids. A half-hour's drive from Edmonton.

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