Going out to eat isn't always about cravings. Often enough, mealtimes dictate our choices, limiting restaurant possibilities. When circumstances narrow the options, let 10Best help. We'll direct you to the best Brunch restaurants in Edmonton and save you the hassle of calling around for business hours. 10Best readers find much to enjoy at Harvest Room thanks to its all-around good offerings. It's also hard to beat Culina, which serves just what you're looking for when you're in the market for a great Brunch.

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Sugar Bowl

The ambiance of this coffeehouse is one of the best things about the place. The historic brick building plays host to a hip crowd of patrons who embrace creativity and intellectual pursuits. Over espressos, cappuccinos and aromatic teas, they...  Read More


The Sutton Place Hotel's restaurant is a quiet enclave of tasteful décor and attentive service. From its perch on the second floor, you can gaze into the atrium and the bustling activity below, or simply relax over a fine meal. If you're...  Read More

Harvest Room

A gracious, architecturally beautiful dining room looks out onto a stone-paved terrace and then across the river valley. It's a lovely space for dinner, or any meal for that matter. Conscientious servers attend each table, anticipating...  Read More

La Bohéme

In the early 1900s, this attractive building functioned as a luxury apartment house. Today, it houses a fine restaurant on the ground floor and six spacious bed and breakfast suites (one to three bedrooms, with a kitchenette and elegant...  Read More

Barb and Ernie's

Perennially popular for weekend brunch, Barb and Ernie's is a family-run establishment that takes great pride in offering not only fantastic food but fabulous, caring service as well. The old-world atmosphere is fun for kids too, so bring the...  Read More

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Fantasy Grill

Some might dismiss this restaurant given its affiliation with a deliberately kitschy hotel, but that would be a mistake. The Grill offers delicious cuisine, some of it happily standard, some of it more adventurous. Following savory appetizers...  Read More

La Ronde

Appropriately named, this rooftop restaurant makes a complete revolution every 90 minutes, affording its guests spectacular views of Edmonton. The menu perfectly complements the gorgeous panorama, offering full-bodied entrees that meld European...  Read More

Café de Ville

In a structure originally constructed as an apartment building, this fashionable restaurant sports an eclectic decor that mixes historical and contemporary details. The menu, too, pulls in a range of influences. Appetizers feature everything...  Read More

Manor Café

Set in a circa-1929 mansion, this charming restaurant mixes historical detail with whimsical artwork and highly-rated food. The owners pull culinary influences from any destination they find interesting, incorporating techniques into such dishes...  Read More

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Kobe's chef and owner Victor Noborio has quite a respectable CV, having worked in various kitchens in Paris and the Japanese consulate in Edmonton. That experience translates well here, where sushi fans are treated to fabulous food in a...  Read More