Stewart Museum

After 2.5 years of renovation, the Stewart Museum will reopen in June of 2011. The permanent exhibition "History and Memory" features more than 500 items, some of which will be showcased for the first time. Establish in 1955, the Stewart Museum...  Read More

Montréal derives its name from this centrally-located, wooded mountain, which functions as a park for residents. Designed by Frederic Law Olmsted, the park is popular for local outdoor adventures and both summer and winter activities. From its...  Read More

Photo courtesy of Environment and Climate Change Canada, 2016

When originally built for the US Pavilion at Expo '67, Biosphère was the largest geodesic dome in the world. This interactive exhibition displays the ecosystems of the Great Lakes and Saint-Lawrence River regions. The Discovery Hall houses a...  Read More

The Vieux-Port is Old Montréal's gateway to the Saint-Lawrence River. The port was once the hub of shipping and gave Montréal its powerful economic presence in Canada. In 1992, the city renovated the port as part of Montréal's 350th...  Read More

L'Île Notre-Dame

This popular attraction was entirely man-made for the 1967 Expo. Features are the beach, Floral Park and casino. Although located in the city, the beach has a water purifying system and is very popular among locals. The Floral Park consists of...  Read More

L'Île Sainte Hélène

This island that was host to the 1967 Expo provides a sublime contrast to the city and is situated in the middle of the Saint-Lawrence River. The popular Biosphere and Levis Tower are two attractions. Visitors can ride a ferris wheel, take boat...  Read More

Parc Olympique de Montréal

The legacy of the 1976 Olympic Games remains alive in the city and is represented by the impressive stadium and the renowned inclined tower, the Tour de Montréal. The tower has drawn millions of visitors to enjoy its sweeping views of the city...  Read More

Maison Alcan

This 1983 building is the headquarters of the Aluminum Company of Canada and is well known for its atrium. There are three historic row houses, a hotel, and a seven-story, aluminum-clad office structure linked to the beautiful glass atrium. Each...  Read More

Vieux Montréal
Photo courtesy of Courtesy of Tourisme Montreal. Photo by Lorraine Deslauriers

The starting point of everything that Montréal has become, this area's cobblestoned streets and historic buildings practically beg walking tours. Though some may find it too touristy, the highlights of Basilique Notre Dame, the Old Port, the...  Read More

This stunning complex is devoted to international trade, but the architecture and history that comprise it are reason enough for a visit. The structure incorporates historic buildings into its overall design, including a stretch of the city's...  Read More