What to See and Do in Montréal: The City's Best Attractions

Where to start? With all of the things to do and see in a Montreal, it can be a tricky decision. 10best has carefully selected a range of attractions to provide a well-rounded Montreal experience for all members of your party.

Start at Mont Royal for a good overview of the city then head to the art and history museums downtown and then further east to check out the science and nature offerings. It's probably best to save La Ronde for a late afternoon or early evening jaunt. Of course you could always take in a concert at Place des Arts one evening too. Mornings might be best for exploring the city markets, especially the Jean talon Market in the city's north end, timing the end of your visit so you can enjoy lunch before leaving.

Of course in a city the size of Montreal there are many more equally good museums, markets and things to do that are not on the list. Follow your interests and rest assured there are enough attractions to cater to all tastes and interests. Just remember to leave enough time to take in the best of what Montreal has to offer and most importantly, have fun - just as Montrealers do!  



Montreal's Botanical Gardens comprise 30 distinct ones including Chinese, Japanese, First Nations, traditional French, a rose garden plus 10 exhibiting greenhouses and an arboretum. Environments as diverse as the northwestern Mexican desert and...  Read More



The Montreal Biodome or the "house of life", contains four distinct eco-systems, 4,800 animals and 750 plant species. The four eco-systems include the Tropical Forest with its lush vegetation and steamy climate that's perfect for a winter...  Read More



Housed in the cultural complex, Montreal's Place des Arts on Sainte-Catherine St West downtown, the museum is home to both permanent and traveling contemporary art exhibitions, with a strong focus on Quebec art post 1940's. The permanent...  Read More



Montreal's Place des Arts, a major downtown concert venue sits on 300,000 square feet at the Places des Arts metro station. The largest multi use concert hall in Canada, the Salle Wilfred Pelletier, is versatile enough to hold rock, opera,...  Read More



Thrills, spills and bragging rights are what it's all about on a visit to La Ronde. Part of the Six Flags family of amusement parks, the facility, opened as part of Montreal Expo '67, features 40 rides and attractions, including the Goliath,...  Read More



Visible by night thanks to its well-lit cross, Mont Royal designed by Ormstead of Central Park fame is filled with hiking trails, and opportunities for various outdoor activities. It is also a natural haven for local flora and fauna and rare...  Read More

Le Musée du Château Dufresne
Photo courtesy of Courtesy of Musee du Chateau Dufresne


Built between 1915 and 1918, the Château Dufresne is a beaux arts-style private mansion which was owned by the Dufresne brothers, two important members of the Montréal French Bourgeoisie. Today, it houses the museum, dedicated to Montréal's...  Read More

Marché Jean-Talon
Photo courtesy of Courtesy of Tourisme Montreal. Photo by Ron Stern


The highlight of Little Italy (Petite Italie) in the north end of Montreal is undoubtedly the Jean Talon Market. Since 1934 the Jean Talon market has been supplying Montreal with fresh Quebec products and specialty items from around the...  Read More



The Montreal Planetarium brings astronomy to Montrealers and visitors alike who appreciate the clear, light-pollution-free skies and the chance to handle samples of meteorites. The regular show is comprised of three events: the main...  Read More



Visitors to the Montreal Insectarium can see, touch and even taste some of the world's most intriquing insects. Insect tastings, "Butterflies Go Free",the "Monarch Odyssey" and the Hallowe'en creepy spiders exhibit are four of the Montreal...  Read More


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