On the Water

L'Île Notre-Dame

This popular attraction was entirely man-made for the 1967 Expo. Features are the beach, Floral Park and casino. Although located in the city, the beach has a water purifying system and is very popular among locals. The Floral Park consists of...  Read More

L'Île Sainte Hélène

This island that was host to the 1967 Expo provides a sublime contrast to the city and is situated in the middle of the Saint-Lawrence River. The popular Biosphere and Levis Tower are two attractions. Visitors can ride a ferris wheel, take boat...  Read More

Parc Olympique de Montréal

The legacy of the 1976 Olympic Games remains alive in the city and is represented by the impressive stadium and the renowned inclined tower, the Tour de Montréal. The tower has drawn millions of visitors to enjoy its sweeping views of the city...  Read More

Located about an hour's drive southeast of Montréal, the Granby Zoo is a great day-trip destination, particularly if you have kids. Among the animals are chinchillas, poison dart frogs, stick insects, Amur leopards, capybaras, colobus monkeys,...  Read More

Just because you're traveling, you don't have to abandon your usual exercise routine. Swimmers will be pleased with the Aquadôme, which has two big indoor pools. You can do laps, but if you're just looking for some splashy family fun, there are several waterslides as well.