Check Out Montreal's Happening Music Scene at Any of These Eclectic Venues

Montreal has become North America's unofficial indie music scene king, spawning such popular favorites as Arcade Fire and A Simple Plan. At any given time in an empty garage or reasonably priced warehouse space you'll hear the sounds of up and coming new bands. Montrealers support their local talent as does the generous provincial grants to Montreal musicians. Music lovers travel across the continent and beyond to check out Montreal's exciting music scene as there is plenty of variety for all who love live performances. 

Montréal's famous nightlife includes plenty of venues to hear live music. On any given night you can listen to bluegrass, rock or blues at Grumpy's or Quebecois music at Les Dieux Perrots. Montreal is known as a jazz town and you can catch local and international jazz musicians at The House of Jazz. Enjoy some fine dining and vocals at Upstairs Jazz Bar & Grill or great pub food alongside Celtic music on Crescent Street. There's even a club for those not into the club scene. Listen to punk, metal, hardcore and emo at the famous and eclectic Foufones Electronique.  Neighborhoods bars and lounges are also good places to hear live music and grab a smart cocktail.




Grab a beer, something to eat and listen to some great music at this three-floor brew pub with a wide fan base. Brutopia keeps five, year-round beers on tap and three seasonal options. Among the year-round options are a classic IPA, a nut brown...  Read More

Le Divan Orange
Photo courtesy of Photo Courtesy of Le Divan Orange


Le Divan Orange occupies a vast space divided into sections: guests are greeted with a spread of couches which segue into a bar area and finally a stage at the very back. It's an inviting space with an equally inviting atmosphere. The food menu...  Read More

Photo courtesy of Photo Courtesy of Club Soda


Club Soda's medium-sized, 800-seat concert space sits in a great downtown location and is perfect for performances of all stripes from the "Just For Laughs" comedy fest to name acts from the International Jazz Festival to Burlesque shows and...  Read More



Located in the heart of the party scene on Ste Catherine Street, the crowd is very welcoming as people drift in and out all evening. The bartenders here regularly win "Best of..." awards in the local press " people just love them. And that...  Read More



Les Foufs is easy to spot " just look for the giant spider on the front on the Ste Catherine entrance. This bar is the granddaddy of Montreal's alternative scene (it opened in 1983) and has hosted some of the biggest names in music including...  Read More

Upstairs Jazz Bar & Grill
Photo courtesy of Photo Courtesy of Upstairs Bar & Grill


A reputation for terrific Continental (especially Spanish) cuisine and a desire to book talented musicians has earned Upstairs a loyal following and a growing clientele. The restaurant serves flavorful dishes that mix the smokiness of grilled...  Read More

Les Deux Pierrots


For a real taste of local flavor, head over to this neighborhood pub, which has been an area favorite for many years. People congregate here for drinks (beer especially!) and socializing, and it's a great place to meet people. Another perk is...  Read More

Café Campus


Although the name suggests a student hangout, it's more than that as the club has been a solid feature in the east end neighbourhood conveniently located near other drinking establishments. This venue features great live concerts from top...  Read More



The House of Jazz is a legendary jazz club known for hosting the big names of the jazz world. It's often referred to as the "Canadian Mecca of Jazz." The restaurant has a warm, laid-back feel with wooden tables, brass highlights and intimate...  Read More



Established in September 2000, Casa Del Popolo (The House of the People) is Montreal's only family-run neighborhood vegetarian hot-spot! Part fair-trade cafe, part music venue, part resto-bar and part art gallery.Where else would you find an...  Read More


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