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The Bar-B-Barn is a great family restaurant that's become a Montréal fixture since it opened its doors in time for Expo '67. They attract a large business clientele for lunch. The menu features three sizes of ribs and barbeque chicken: "whole...  Read More

Café Santropol
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Decorated like your favorite eccentric aunt's living room with mismatched furniture and sly knick-knacks, this iconic eatery is famous for its sky-high sandwiches. Towering classics include the Killer Tomato (cream cheese, sun-dried tomatoes,...  Read More

La Brioche Lyonnaise


Linger and people-watch while enjoying a croissant and a cup of café au lait in any one of the seating areas of this charming dessert shop. Full meals are available, but many just enjoy favorites such as the Marie Clair pastries, delectable...  Read More

Chez Schwartz Charcuterie


It's got no décor, it's tiny, it's crowded, the wait staff is crabby and you'll probably be elbow to elbow with a hungry stranger. All will be forgiven once you bit into your smoked meat sandwich. It's one of Montréal's claims to fame. Nobody...  Read More



Considered by locals to be one of Canada's best steakhouses, Moishes has been serving delectable steaks since opening in 1938. Should you not care for steak, other choices include salmon, char, veal and lamb. Each charcoal broiling comes with...  Read More

Wilensky's Light Lunch


This Montréal favorite has been serving sandwiches to hungry diners since 1932. The classic sandwich is simple but oh-so-tasty: slices of bologna and salami on a hard-to- categorize bun, with mustard. You can get cheese on that, but otherwise...  Read More

Magnan Restaurant
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This blue-collar diner/tavern on the other side of the Lachine Canal is famous for its tender and succulent Roast Beef. Locals have crossing over to rue St Patrick since 1932 to eat here so it's a bit of a landmark. There's also pretty decent...  Read More



Cakes, pies, mousses, coffees, even hard-to-find candies are some of the delightful offerings at this sweetshop near downtown. Sandwiches are also featured on the menu.

Le Jardin Nelson


Crêpes filled with sweet chocolate, sugar and apple stuffing, with maple syrup vanilla ice cream or fresh strawberies ... which to choose? Sample these and more with an excellent cup of coffee, or enjoy a full meal with savory soups and...  Read More

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This chain of Montréal restaurants offers a terrific all-day breakfast with unlimited coffee at five different locations. All the dishes are centred around eggs–everything from omelets to your basic breakfast of two eggs any style with bacon,...  Read More