Best Dessert in Montréal

The perfect ending to any meal: Montreal's best desserts

Trying to find the best desserts and coffee in Montréal? 10Best has you covered. Our editors and locals search the city and suburbs for the top places. Then, we showcase popular restaurants like Fous desserts, and we highlight eateries with great user reviews, like Le Montréalais. We also help you find areas where desserts and coffee are prominent so that you not only get terrific dining recommendations, but you also have choices to boot. After all, if you're going to eat, you may as well do it right and take advantage of Montréal's best.

The selections here cover a wide range of options to appease doughnut lovers, chocolate addicts and/ or fans of premium handmade ice cream and gelatos. Popular neighborhood spots as well as favorite Montreal and/or Quebec chains figure prominently in the list. In a city that cares deeply about food, it's hard to find a bad dessert in Montreal.


Montreal has no shortage of patisseries, gelato makers and chocolatiers, but Fous Desserts is at the top of everyone's list of favorites. The variety alone is astounding and changes with the seasons. Some things to try: le Pheonix (brownie base topped with a Caribbean chocolate mousse enveloped in a chocolate ganache, Manjari cocoa truffles, almond croissants (the best in the city), and brioche aux pralines roses. Delicious pralines, caramels and ganaches are found on many of the specialty seasonal treats . Chocolate gift items are available in various types of raw chocolate including dark chocolate from Venezuela, creamy chocolate and caramelized milk or a creamy blond Dulcey chocolate.

Recommended for Dessert because: For the largest variety of dessert options, head to Fous Desserts.

Sherel's expert tip: Check out the newest selections of desserts and goodies that change every season.

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Home made desserts created from innovative recipes served in a quaint sweet-smelling shop insure the continued success of this popular bakery that specializes in cupcakes. Their traditional chocolate cupcake is made with less sugar than usual, thanks to the higher percentage of cocoa mass and include spices found in chai tea. The coconut cupcakes with lemon icing are a hot item too. Bundt cakes decorated with flower petals, along with brownies, pies, and cookies that often include unusual ingredients such as lavender, zucchini, fresh ginger, olive oil or cardamom keep regulars coming back. A take on the upside down cake features cake with candied pears in maple syrup.

Recommended for Dessert because: Prized for its cupcakes, this bakery prepares other dessert items with interesting additional ingredients.

Sherel's expert tip: Be prepared for crowds as the shop is quite small.

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This popular bistro, located on the premises of the Fairmont Hotel Queen Elizabeth, makes for a popular diversion any time of the day but is a particular favorite for afternoon high tea. For one price, guests can sample a variety of decadent treats, or, for those with lighter appetites there are à la carte options. Fragrant coffees and teas warm you beautifully on a cold day and make a delightful snack when accompanied by scones, tea sandwiches and pastries. A perfect way to while away an afternoon in an ideal location above Montreal's Central Via Rail Train Station in downtown.

Recommended for Dessert because: This is the best place to experience high tea with a wide assortment of desserts.

Sherel's expert tip: It's best to make a reservation for High Tea

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This chic, contemporary spot done in red, white and black is a Montreal favorite and not just for the selection of coffee from around the world but also for the multitude of desserts and pastries that pair perfectly with their world-renowned coffee blends. Cafe mocha or a chai latte served with a 5-layer chocolate cake or delicate tiramisu hits the after dinner spot perfectly. Perch at one of the tables on the terrace to people watch while you nibble and slurp away after a long afternoon of taking in the sights. Or stop in for a late night caffeine and sugar injection before you head out for a night of dancing.

Recommended for Dessert because: Perfectly roasted coffees from around the world and exotic teas pair well with their carefuly prepared desserts.

Sherel's expert tip: Consider take out options as this place can get packed particularly on weekends.

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Highlights of this popular sweet shop focus on doughnuts including a new vegan citrus offering called grapefruit burst. Other popular doughnut flavors here include the lime coconut,caramel maple bacon- a real Canadian treat, milk chocolate mousse (it is French after all) and passion fruit. Traditionalists will appreciate the Boston cream and lemon meringue as well as the cinnamon sugar. And if doughnuts are not your thing be sure and check out their other goodies that include a tasty caramel pecan sticky toffee, a caramel chocolate bread pudding, the classic carrot cake and mince meat pie. The doughnut grilled cheese sounds intriguing too, even though it's not on their doughnut list.

Recommended for Dessert because: It's got the best selection of gourmet doughnuts in the city.

Sherel's expert tip: Not just for doughnut lovers

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Follow your nose to the east end of the Plateau for a pure, unadulterated chocolate experience. Proprietress of pleasure, Edith Gagnon, is a master chocolatier who imports her goods from the French Maison Barry-Caillebeau, and mixes them with an eye, and palate, to decadent taste combinations like the ganache made fragrant with bergamot. Even the humble brownie is elevated in the hands of this artisan. Bonus: the crafty wrappings make delightful gifts. A true chocolate artisan, Edith is one of the original chocolate factory pioneers in Montreal. Although Cakao House is a retail store, you can enjoy your treats at the small outdoor tables in summer.

Recommended for Dessert because: This is the place to find the best brownie in Montreal.

Sherel's expert tip: Shop here for special holiday goodies - the prefect gift.

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When the line stretches down the block virtually year round, you know the place has something special to offer. In this case, it's the ice cream. Made in-house, the ice cream varieties are often unusual, depending on what sorts of fruits are in season and what the staff feels like making and in what combinations. Smooth and dense, and packing a wallop of flavor, this is ice cream that deserves every accolade it gets. Favorites include King Kong (banana chocolate), litchee, pear and Caramelée (caramel, chocolate and pralines). In early summer, the fresh peach is a real crowd - pleaser.

Recommended for Dessert because: Best place to get ice cream made with seasonally-fresh fruits.

Sherel's expert tip: Get here early on summer weekends.

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The next big thing is the chocolate lounge, a place similar in style and trendiness to a chic cocktail bar, but with a plethora of high quality chocolate treats instead of fruity mixed drinks. The concept has been popular in big cities like New York for quite some time, and the rest of us are slowly catching up. In Montréal, check out Suite 88, where you can indulge in just about every chocolate confection ever dreamed of, including unusual flavor combinations not found anywhere else. There are beautiful little chocolate candies, bars, hot chocolate, truffles, gelato, and even shots of your favorite liqueurs.

Recommended for Dessert because: It serves high quality chocolate drinks with or without alcohol.

Sherel's expert tip: Vegan chocolate bars in six flavors make a great gift for the vegan in your life.

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Boulangerie Première Moisson
Photo courtesy of Sandra Cohen-Rose and Colin Rose

Presenting 40 artisan breads many with dessert-friendly ingredients and an eye-popping array of gorgeous pastries, not to mention the coffee, this boulangerie is as much a delight for the nose as it is for the stomach. Light lunch options include sandwiches and salads, leaving plenty of room for the divinely crafted and presented chocolates. Try the caramels or the Valrohna for the ultimate decadence. A wide selection of pies, too – pure, sweet heaven of top quality ingredients. With 17 locations, it's a popular and healthy choice for desserts, chocolate gifts and flavored coffees too. So popular is this Quebec bakery chain that it's moving into neighbouring provinces too.

Recommended for Dessert because: With 17 locations, it's a popular and healthy choice for both desserts, chocolate gifts and flavored coffees too.

Sherel's expert tip: The lines can be long particularly at lunch hour.

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For all things chocolate head to one of four Montreal locations for over the top - large portion sizes of everything from chocolate pizza to Mexican hot chocolate, kicked up with a touch of cayenne pepper. The best dishes for sharing - perfect for date night - include a home made marshmallow dish with fondue and waffles specially designed for two, the Nutella crepe with bananas and the chocolate cake, probably the plainest dessert. The chocolate pizza should be included in this list as it's very difficult to finish on your own. Other favorites include the warm brownie topped off with a scoop of cold gelato and the Choco-Nut Waffle.

Recommended for Dessert because: The wide array of chocolate possibilities make this mini chain popular throughout the city and the province.

Sherel's expert tip: Many dishes are best shared as they're too much for one person.

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