Where to Get a Good Lunch in Montreal

Going out for any meal in Monteal is a joy and lunch time gatherings are particularly popular. Montrealers love their favorite lunch spots and there certainly are a great deal of options up for grabs. From the classic home town smoked meat sandwich to poutine to world famous bagels and three-course haute cuisine meals you'll find it all in Montreal.

If possible arrive early  - a late breakfast or perhaps a late lunch so that you are not competing with the hordes of office workers and students that swell the downtown ranks of restaurant goers. Many popular cafes and restaurants are in quite intimate settings - read small. 

Going out to eat isn't always about cravings. Often enough, mealtimes dictate our choices, limiting restaurant possibilities. When circumstances narrow the options, let 10Best help. We'll direct you to the best Lunch restaurants in Montréal and save you the hassle of calling around for business hours.

10Best readers find lots to enjoy at Premiere Moisson thanks to its all-around tasty and healthy offerings of home made breads, soups, salads and rich bakery treats. It's also hard to beat Chez Schwartz Charcuterie, which serves just what you're looking for when you're in the market for a great, filling protein and calorie-heavy lunch.

Crêpe Café


Crepes - both savory and sweet and lattes are the big draw here. Located in Old Montreal, quaint Crêpe Café is the perfect place for any meal, even a quick snack. On the menu you will find over two dozen different types of crêpes, from the...  Read More

Café Santropol
Photo courtesy of Photo Courtesy of Cafe Santropol


Killer tomato, mango madness, minted ham and pepper island are just a few of the specialty sandwiches found at Santropol. Decorated like your favorite eccentric aunt's living room with mismatched furniture and silly knick-knacks, this iconic...  Read More

Chez Schwartz Charcuterie


It's got no décor to speak of, it's tiny, it's crowded, the wait staff are crabby and you'll probably be elbow to elbow with a hungry stranger. All will be forgiven once you bit into your smoked meat sandwich. It's one of Montréal's claims to...  Read More

Wilensky's Light Lunch


Set inside a quaint corner store, Wilensky's can be easy to miss.This Montréal favorite has been serving sandwiches to hungry diners since 1932. The classic sandwich is simple but oh-so-tasty: slices of bologna and salami on a hard-to-...  Read More

Moe's Deli & Bar


High ceilings and brick walls adorned with memorabilia set the scene at this fun, casual eatery. It's great place to grab a bite to eat or to meet friends for a drink. There's plenty of room inside for groups, and the outdoor terrace lets you...  Read More



Set in an historic building that once housed sailors, this well-loved Old Montreal restaurant sports a crisp, blue and white color scheme and rustic stone walls. It accommodates diners in eight rooms and on an outdoor terrace, surrounding them...  Read More

Les Voyageurs


Although this lounge does a brisk business in the evenings accommodating patrons who come to drink, socialize, and listen to live piano music, it's also a good bet for lunch. Seafood dishes and fresh oysters are a major draw, along with the...  Read More

Alexandre & fils


Best suited to a business lunch - especially for those who prefer to end their meal with a fine cigar and a good quality whiskey. With more than two decades of experience behind it, this French brasserie is a Montréal favorite. Its relaxed but...  Read More



If eating your heaviest meal of the day early is good for you then this is an excellent place to start. The Bar-B-Barn is a great family restaurant that's become a Montréal fixture since it opened its doors in time for the World Fair, Expo '67....  Read More

Boulangerie Première Moisson


All 17 locations offer an impressive array of up to 40 artisan breads from which to choose for your lunch of pork and brie and other mouth-watering sandwiches. An eye-popping array of gorgeous pastries served up with a strong coffee insures...  Read More


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