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Best Montréal, QC Shopping

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    Olives et Épices

    Free delivery, cooking classes featuring the best uses of olive oil and lemon infused oils starting at $12.95 a bottle? No wonder Olives et Epices is such a...

    Photo courtesy of Photo by Stump Town Panda, Flickr
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    L'Art des artisans du Québec

    Looking for arty pillows for your sofa? How about handcrafted blown glass pieces in an array of colors and designs? Here you will find an extensive...

    Photo courtesy of Photo Courtesy of Tourisme Montreal
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    Ben & Tournesol

    Ben & Tournesol is best described as high-end home decor. From the depths of Westmount - a bastion of taste in itself - comes some noteworthy objects...

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    Le Fromentier

    Le Fromentier is Montreal's premier artisanal bakery complete with organic choices making it a hot spot in a neighborhood already saturated with these....

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    Gourmet Laurier

    A real foodies delight, Gourmet Laurier has been inspiring Montreal chefs - both amateur and professional for over half a century. This is the place to head...

    Photo courtesy of Photo Courtesy of Gourmet Laurier
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    Les Chocolats de Chloé

    This tiny, inviting space with sparkling glass shelves in the middle of The Plateau invites chocoholics to peer into the open kitchen to watch the creation...

    Photo courtesy of Sherel Purcell
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    Crescent Street

    Usually known as the party street for McGill students and former hangout of controversial local writer Mordecai Richler, Crescent Street, named for its...

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    Marché Jean-Talon

    Open year-round, this Montreal landmark has been supplying locals with fresh produce, local meats and cheeses, desserts and dry goods since 1934. This is...

    Photo courtesy of Courtesy of Tourisme Montreal. Photo by Ron Stern

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