Shopping in Montréal: A Real Pleasure, and a Key City Attraction

Like most other things about Montreal, shopping is also a pleasure. From pleasant shopping streets that span at least eight city blocks and include trendy bars, restaurants and cafes with friendly staff to local markets and specialty craft shops, you'll find everything you need and want right here. 

No visit to Montreal is complete without at least one shopping excursion. In fact, choosing to visit Montreal specifically for the shopping experience isn't a bad idea. In other major cities, your best option is often a large, overcrowded shopping mall and while those exist in Montreal, they're not your only option.

From all the shops, stores, boutiques, ateliers and markets in the city, 10Best narrows the options to those places with the most appeal and the best offerings. We deliver a carefully vetted selection to let you explore Montréal shopping on your own. If your time here is really tight and you don't have the leisure to take it all in, we present our Best Shopping list for Montréal. All of our suggestions are easily accessible from downtown either by foot or public transportation.

Montréalers take their shopping seriously and there are hundreds of place to look for the perfect outfit, pair of shoes, accessory or something for the home and hearth. With so many choices, where do you begin? 10Best has narrowed it down to the best shopping areas to get you started on your shopping spree in Canada's fashion capital.

East Montréal
Plaza St Hubert
Photo courtesy of Bonjour Quebec


Looking for a fashion bargain? Then head over to Plaza St. Hubert Street where over 400 merchants are gathered underneath the famous green awnings. Glitzy club wear and prom dresses figure prominently here and you'll find plenty of wedding...  Read More

Le Village Gai
Photo courtesy of Boutique Seconde Chance. Photo by Danny Lapierre. Courtesy of Tourisme Montreal.


It may be famous for its nightlife but Montréal's Gay Village also has some fun shops to visit. Stroll along Amherst Street to visit some of the quirky vintage shops such as Frip Frap selling anything that's worth buying. It's got quite the...  Read More

Complexe Desjardins
Photo courtesy of The main foyer. Photo courtesy of Complex Desjardins


Strategically located in front of Place-des-Arts and the Place des Festivals, the Complexe Desjardins houses 110 stores, a hotel, food court and several restaurants. You'll find the usual big brand names, a few bargain stores and some specialty...  Read More



The beautiful domed tower of the historic Marché Bonsecours is one of the most recognizable buildings in Old Montreal. It shares the same name as the nearby church. In the past, this building has served as a public market, a concert hall,...  Read More

Ste-Catherine Street
Photo courtesy of St Catherine at Peel Street. Courtest of Tourisme Montreal.


Ste. Catherine is one of the largest stretch of retail stores in Canada with access to over 1,200 merchants. Designer boutiques have sprung up in the area and attract well-to-do professionals and fashionistas alike. The district is especially...  Read More

RÉSO (or La Ville Souterraine)
Photo courtesy of Montreal Trust Underground City by Stephan Poulin. Courtesy of Tourisme Montreal.


Montreal's winters are long and cold and summers short and hot, so it makes sense that a whole complex of indoor shopping has evolved. The Underground City is 19 miles of tunnels connecting over 60 commercial complexes and residences. Close to...  Read More

L'avenue du Mont Royal
Photo courtesy of Corner store. Photo courtesy of L'avenue du Mont


Funky Mont-Royal Avenue is the main street through Montreal's Plateau area. It is well known for its many "friperies", stylish second hand shops where you can design the "Montreal look" that has made the city famous as Canada's fashion center....  Read More

Parc Mont-Royal
Boulevard St Laurent
Photo courtesy of Boutique M0851 by Mario Melillo. Courtesy of Toursime Montrel.


Since 1792, "The Main" has been the dividing line between the east and west sides of Montreal. Saint-Laurent Boulevard, a.ka. "the Main" is by far the busiest street in the city and the commercial hub of Montréal. The mélange of cultures here...  Read More

The Plateau
Rue St Denis
Photo courtesy of Rue St Denis on a sunny afternoon, Courtesy of Tourisme Montreal


Along with great shopping, Rue Saint-Denis is the city's best hangout for drinks on the many patios while watching trend - setting locals. Take a walk between Mont-Royal Avenue and Sherbrooke Street and you'll be visiting the epicenter of...  Read More

Place Ville Marie
Photo courtesy of The food court. Photo courtesy of Ville Place Marie.


A city within a city, Place Ville Marie is a large shopping complex in central Montreal.The lights you see sweeping across the night skies come from the rotating beacon on its rooftop. The center allows visitors direct access to key subway...  Read More


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