10 Best Free Things to Do In The Niagara Region, Freedom on Your Wallet is Near

It's time to embark on an adventure. Where you might ask? Well that's to freedom land. It's a place that is doused in natural beauty, and a whole lot of freedom loosened from your wallet. As you travel to Niagara Falls you're probably overcome with all of the flashy lights, costly adventures and meals that will weigh down your wallet. But, what many tend to veer away from when traveling to Niagara Falls is all of the free things that are awaiting you. From parks, to sights to see, if it's time to money-crunch during your stay in Niagara Falls, these Top 10 free things to do in Niagara Falls are known for their picturesque views and quaint paths. Take to picnicking at Queenston Heights, or hike through The Niagara Gorge, all for free! The views are impeccable, and the sights and sounds you'll see while perusing the free side of The Niagara Region will certainly be the one thing you boast about for all your loved ones back at home. It's now time to plan out your free activities while in the area, and with so many more parks and places to venture off to, the freedom of your trip to Niagara can all be found in our natural world, it's pretty awesome down here.



Niagara on the Lake is certainly known for its wines and perfect outdoor festivals, but if you make the trek on down here, one of the very best spots to go is to The Queen's Royal Park. Not only does it offer up a perfect spot to lay out a...  Read More

Floral Clock


In the tradition of such cities as Geneva and Edinburgh, this floral clock combines both art and utility in a tourist-friendly package. The attraction, first created in 1950, utilizes approximately 16,000 plants to achieve its distinctive...  Read More

Niagara Gorge Discovery Center
Photo courtesy of Flickr.com/Curtis Anderson


The Niagara Gorge is one of the best hiking spots in The Niagara Region. As you hike along its rugged terrain you'll be swept away in all its beauty. With the backdrop as The Niagara River, and the massive rock formations jutting out from the...  Read More

Oakes Garden Theatre


The Oakes Garden Theatre is the gateway park into The Queen Victoria Park. What is so unique about The Oakes Garden Theatre park is that is was built on the site of a destroyed hotel. Completed in 1937, the remaining ruins of the hotel can still...  Read More



The floral and fauna that you'll see as you stroll through Queen Victoria Park certainly embodies that 'wow' factor that is portrayed throughout the likes of Niagara Falls. The beauty of this spot that it is of course free to roam through, and...  Read More

Niagara Parks Botanical Gardens
Photo courtesy of Flickr.com/Leonora Enking


Initially established in 1936, these botanical gardens attract nearly a million visitors each year. Visitors just can't get enough of The Niagara Parks Botanical Gardens 100 acres of manicured beds and plantings. As you stroll through the...  Read More



Queenston Heights is regarded as Canada's birthplace. With much history, and victory created here you can stretch up your legs and enjoy the beauty of this massive park and historical site. During the War of 1812, a decisive battle between the...  Read More



Niagara Falls is beautiful during the day, but at night, the magic is heightened by a series of lights illuminating the massive waterfall. As you walk along The Parkway, you will experience the beauty of light, sound and perfection. The pounding...  Read More


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