Sights to Ooh and Ahh At

With its endless supply of rushing water and magical sights, its no wonder whenever you venture off to Niagara Falls there is a twinkle in your eyes. Trust us when we say, the magic of visiting Niagara Falls still presents many oohs and ahs, even if you're from the area. Choosing the best of the best places to sight see is a little bit of a task as Niagara Falls boasts so many wonderful adventures in such a small little space. From everything to The Maid of The Mist to Clifton Hill, no matter which sightseeing adventure you and your guests choose, you will be pleasantly surprised as to how quickly you can fill up your time in this magical city. The best advice we can give you, is plan ahead! We all know that when we get to a new spots we may not have a clue as to where to go first, but with this Top 10 Sightseeing list, you'll get a glimpse into just where the best of the best adventures and memories are ready to be made. It's no wonder people keep coming back here, this city has it all. If you're a family who loves a lot of exciting adventures all the while enjoying the beauty of nature than Niagara Falls will be your new favorite vacation destination. From The Journey Behind the Falls to the Niagara Skywheel, get ready to expand your mind, and eyes as you venture off to one of the Wonders of The World. Go on, get out there, The Falls is awaiting your arrival. 



One of the world's great natural wonders, Niagara Falls is over a mile in length and sends more than a half-million gallons of water per second over the edge. Boats and helicopters provide a closer look at the curtain of water, but Journey...  Read More

Maid of the Mist
Photo courtesy of Belvins


Certainly the most long-lived draw for tourists, these boat tours provide a surprising immediacy to the Falls experience. Sturdy vessels navigate waters at the base of the Falls, taking folks practically into the deluge pouring from the cliffs...  Read More

Skylon Tower


Offering Niagara's loftiest observation area, this tower was built in 1965 and rises 775 feet into the sky. Take its "yellow bug" elevators (named for their appearance as they crawl up the outside of the tower), and marvel at the impressive view...  Read More

Niagara Skywheel
Photo courtesy of Hamilton


Niagara Skywheel, it is not just a plain old Ferris Wheel that enables you to see Niagara Falls from up above, it is an experience that is awaiting your arrival. The Skywheel, towering as tall as 175 feet (53 meters), has views of the...  Read More



Ground-level sightseeing is terrific, but you'll move to the next level when you book a helicopter tour. The panorama of Niagara territory is heightened from the air, and four-person vehicles ensure that you get personalized attention. Lift off...  Read More

Journey Behind the Falls
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If you think Niagara Falls is impressive from the front, try viewing it from the back! This tour takes visitors in an elevator to the base of the waterfall and lets them see, from behind, the sheer magnitude of the water as it's forced over the...  Read More

Niagara Parks Botanical Gardens
Photo courtesy of Enking


Initially established in 1936, these botanical gardens attract nearly a million visitors each year. In fact, folks can't seem to get enough of NPBG's 100 acres of manicured beds and plantings, which are maintained by a select group of students...  Read More

IMAX Theatre
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Known for incredible cinematography and cutting-edge technology, IMAX constantly provides the most fascinating, educational programs available on the big screen. Digital sound and towering movie screens ensure that each ticket-holder takes in...  Read More



Downriver from the Falls, visitors make their way over the river in this suspended cable car, which made its premiere in 1916. Its half-mile journey takes about ten minutes to complete, during which time passengers are afforded incredible views...  Read More

Outlying Areas


If you have a deep-rooted passion for the outdoors and a little bit of adventure, than HorsePlay Niagara is the very perfect adventure for you. Located on the most perfect ranch, HorsePlay Niagara is where you will discover the most scenic side...  Read More