Restful Resorts

Resorts are the place to visit if you are ready to unwind completely, take in the luxurious amenities and offer you a truly worry-free getaway to Niagara Falls. When scoping out this Top 10 list we found that many of the resorts in Niagara Falls certainly offered that high-class feel you're looking for, and thus we have created a wonderful list of only the very best resorts in the region. One of the very nice things about staying at a resort for your vacation getaway is that you can scour their website to see the deals that are floating around. And let me tell you, the deals at these spots are certainly endless. If you have a love for the water and just want to get wet all weekend long, your top resort will of course be The Great Wolf Lodge, where the place is pumping with waterfalls, slides, wave pools and splash pads. It certainly is one of the best spots to take in the luxury of a resort, all the while feeling as though your a kid again, heck, this is the best spot to bring the kids again on your vacation to Niagara Falls. If you're looking for something a little more quiet and quaint, The Sterling Inn & Spa is the perfect vacation destination for you. Here you'll be engrossed with luxury, relaxation and beauty as you enjoy a massage, and a restful sleep on one of their plush beds. No matter which resort you choice to stay at, you certainly will create a whole slew of memories while unwinding at one of these Top 10 resorts in Niagara Falls.



The Peninsula Inn & Resort is an ideal location for anyone who is looking for a getaway to Niagara Falls. This 4.5 acre perfectly manicured piece of parkland boasts an abundance of beauty all around. Located a short ten minute drive from The...  Read More



American Resort is located in the heart of Niagara Falls. This is a great spot to catch up with friends and family as you entertain your loved ones in one of their lovely banquet halls. This resort also has a full out water-park inside with a...  Read More



Sterling Inn & Spa is a lovely spot for you to get back to a time in your life when you had not a care in the world and you enjoyed mornings of sleeping in, days at the spa, and afternoons spent enjoying the beauty of a city. This spot is a...  Read More



With so many 'best' titles to it, The Marriott Niagara Falls Fallsview Hotel & Spa is one of the best resorts in Niagara Falls. First off the resort offers the best views of The Fall the city has to offer, one of the best spas, best luxury...  Read More



Embassy Suites by Hilton is the perfect resort to enjoy a relaxing weekend away. The resort boasts a plethora of packages, amenities and an all around lovely getaway that you have been waiting for, for days on end. At this resort you can dabble...  Read More

Linwood Historic District


Crowne Plaza is a grand classic spot. Not only does it boast perfect views of Niagara Falls, it is just seconds away from Clifton Hill (located at the bottom of The Hill), indoor connection to The Fallsview Indoor Water-park, Casino Niagara, and...  Read More



Sheraton on The Falls is one the largest and most luxurious Fallsview accommodations in Niagara Falls. This resort is located at the bottom of Clifton Hill and certainly is the perfect spot if you love water-parks, bright lights and endless...  Read More



The DoubleTree Fallsview Resort & Spa is the perfect vacation spot for you to explore all the wonderful amenities a resort has to offer. With an unique American restaurant, gymnasium, pool, sauna, business center and 224 rooms with a perfect...  Read More



The Great Wolf Lodge is one of the very best spots in the Niagara Region to venture off to if you have a love for the water. The second you walk through this resorts doors you'll be immersed in a fun-filled vacation of swimming, diving,...  Read More

White Oaks Resort & Spa


White Oaks Conference Resort & Spa has been around for ages. It is one of the most notable resorts in The Niagara Region as it has a plethora of amenities that guests certainly are appreciative of. This 13-acre resort is where you will...  Read More


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Melaina is a native to The Niagara Region. Though she's traveled the world, she loves coming home and experiencing the true beauty that The Niagara Region has to offer. From hikes through The...  More About Melaina