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Get Ready to Paint the Town Red Tonight

Get ready to 'cheers to the weekend' when you venture off to Niagara Falls and partake in some of the best nightlife this city has to offer. There is no doubt this city hardly sleeps with two casinos open 24/7 and nightlife throughout this tourist city that offers up a unique experience for anyone to dive into. So get your dancing shoes on, as your nights out in Niagara Falls will be a night you won't forget. If you are more inclined to want a low key night then no worries, Niagara Falls offers a chilled out night with some friends over a pint or two of beer at Spicy Olive, or a dinner show at The Avalon Ballroom. This spot hugely dabbles into the entertainment world with having international stars such as Diana Ross, Jay Leno and Ringo Starr perform here. The beauty of Niagara Falls is that if you want to partake in the nightlife here, its all just around the corner or through a connected glass walkway from your hotel suite to a night of fun. This top 10 list has the perfect balance between a straight up glorious night for you and your buddies, a girls night on the town or for a romantic getaway weekend. At Milestone's Monday Night Girls Night you will indulge in delicacies the Milestone's kitchen uniquely crafts and then take to the club and dance the night away at Dragon Fly Night Club, the best of the best Niagara has to offer. Whichever nightlife scene you choose to be apart of, just remember the best thing to see at night is of course the illuminated Niagara Falls, it certainly is picturesque.


Niagara Fallsview Casino
Photo courtesy of J. Wood

With over 3000 slot machines and 150 tables, its no wonder when tourists flock to Niagara Falls their first stop is to the Fallsview Casino as it offers up a whole lot of winning opportunities for all to partake in (well that is of course if you are over 19!) As it is one of the largest commercial developments of Canada there is certainly a mystical appeal to this casino. For all those who don't feel like dabbling into a game or two check out the shops, restaurants, lounges or view a memorizing show at The Avalon Ballroom, wherever you end up while at The Fallsview Casino you just may never want to leave.

Local Expert tip: After a couple rounds of roulette head on over to The Avalon Ballroom where you can catch a show or two with some ever so famous acts.

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Casino Niagara
Photo courtesy of Lorini

Test your luck at the 10,000 square foot casino floor as you venture into Casino Niagara at the bottom of Clifton Hill. This spot is the perfect place for you to enjoy a dinner, or take to the lounge for a few drinks with some good friends, of course this is all after you won the jackpot. The newly renovated interior boasts thousands of slot machines and tables awaiting your arrival.

Local Expert tip: Wednesday through Sunday there are lessons available to teach you how to play various card games such as roulette or blackjack, certainly a fun way to get the ball rolling at winning the jackpot!

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Step away from the bright lights and loud nights Niagara Falls has to offer and slip into something a little more elegant as this lounge offers a whole lot of sophistication. At The Pillar and Post's Vintages Wine Bar & Lounge you will be able to unwind after a day of sightseeing with a vintage wine in hand and a plate of only the finest cheeses. Step into a world of wonder as you enjoy the solitude this wine lounge offers.

Local Expert tip: Located in The Pillar and Post this is the perfect spot for you to break free from the eccentric lights of Niagara Falls.

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Have you ever just wanted to find somewhere where you can kick back and have a laugh or two? Well then look no further then Yuk Yuk's Comedy Club. This place boasts a whole lot of fun in large doses. You will surely need to ensure you're not enjoying that delicious meal they provide you with while a show is on as we don't want you choking at all the hilarious acts out there. If you're ready to enjoy a laugh then Yuk Yuk's is ever so delighted to be sharing its jokes with you tonight.

Local Expert tip: Join Yuk Yuk's VIP list to get up to date information on exactly who will be making you hysterically laugh the night you are in town.

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Hard Rock Club
Photo courtesy of Foodways Alliance

We all know Hard Rock Cafe is known for its flashy ways and unique artifacts found cascading its walls, but what you may have not known is that The Hard Rock Club offers up a perfect spot to dance the night away rock style. With its state of the art lighting, disco ball, club-thumping speakers, and a whole slew of other technological aspects this club is sure to keep rock alive. If you are ready to get out there and have a good time then the Hard Rock Club is the best spot for you. Worried about the music being a little too loud for your sensitive ears, well no worries there as the club has a martini bar, outdoor patio, enormous dance floor and retro lounge to let all your loud worries go away in a matter of seconds.

Local Expert tip: Private booths are yours to be purchased for the night, call ahead to book yours for this weekend.

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Spicy Olive Bar & Grille
Photo courtesy of Spengler

The Spicy Olive Bar & Grille is so much more then a place to go to meet some locals. It is the perfect spot for you to kick back, relax and have a few drinks with some friends. Located in the heart of Niagara Falls, this quaint place not only offers up an enjoyable evening for all, but is the perfect spot to enjoy a delicious Italian feast all the while you're spending the night on the town. It certainly is the perfect spot to have you staying in one place for the night, think of it like this, it's one of the few spots in Niagara Falls where you can enjoy a meal and then a few drinks afterwards without being kicked to the cold winter night. With live music and a perfect decor, this place has it all.

Local Expert tip: If you are eager to find a local hangout this is it, all you need to do to feel like a local is buy a drink or two for your table, they'll always want to come back to The Spicy Olive with you.

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Greg Frewin Theater
Photo courtesy of Destinations

The Greg Frewin Theatre is so much more then your ordinary magic show. This show is first off staring The International Grand Champion of Magic, Greg Frewin and as he is noted for his first place award in The World's top magic competition this is certainly a sight to see. The show also includes a dinner which will have your taste buds loving you. The show is all about experiencing the magic, mystery and art of illusion as Greg Frewin takes you on a magic ride like never before. The show showcases rare and magical tigers that will truly be a sight to see. Be amazed at this show for days to come.

Local Expert tip: Book your reservations to the Greg Frewin Theatre show online or call ahead as you want to ensure you get the best spot to see up close and personal those magnificently, magical tigers in action.

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The Dragonfly Night Club is all about an experience that will last a lifetime. With its sleek Asian inspired elegance this nightclub certainly boast a whole lot of those who are ready to dress to impress their friends. DJs spin only the latest R&B and house music all the while you dance the night away. With its elegant bars and bottle service its no wonder many spend a night celebrating a birthday, promotion, or just come for the fun of it. Dress code is in effect, so be ready to dress to impress before leaving for this nightclub.

Local Expert tip: If you plan on staying over after a night of partying at The Dragonfly check out the multitude of hotels located just seconds away from this sleek club.

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Photo courtesy of Clattenburg

Milestone's is like that one spot that is bursting at the seams with a whole slew of deals in a sophisticated nature. Take for instance, Monday nights - it's Girls Night Out and you and the ladies get to indulge in a selection of appetizers, mains and desserts, top that off with a bellini or two, and you just have may found your new favorite hangout. Or better yet, hop on over to Milestone's on Wednesday night to receive $5 off each wine bottle you purchase. See, the deals just never stop, guess that's why locals come here on a regular basis.

Local Expert tip: Book a reservation for your Monday night Girls Night Out escapade as spots fill up quickly as this is the most decadent place to spend with a few of your closet girlfriends.

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The Avalon Ballroom
Photo courtesy of Farrell

Step into a world of bliss when you enter The Avalon Ballroom located in The Niagara Fallsview Casino. As one of Canada's premiere live entertainment destinations test your luck at seeing stars such as Ringo Starr, Jay Leno or Dolly Parton as they grace us with their stage presence. With over 250 shows a year the talent pool is set to the extreme with unique entertainment shows showcased throughout the year. The best thing about this spot is its right in the Fallsview Casino building and thus after your show head on out for dinner or test your luck at gambling. The entertainment at The Avalon Ballroom's 1500 seat theater is never-ending, so enjoy every second of it.

Local Expert tip: This Christmas season purchase tickets in advance to "The Spirit of Christmas A Magical Celebration" show, it truly is amazing!

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