10 Best Cheap Happy Hour Spots in The Niagara Region

The beauty of The Niagara Region is that whichever restaurant you choose to enjoy a featured menu at, you'll certainly dazzle in all the brilliance of decadent food and delicious drinks all in a days work. Venture off to any one of these restaurants, order up the feature of the night, and enjoy a cocktail or two that will accompany it. From fishbowl Fridays at Boston Pizza to $5 Tuesday nights at The Merchant Ale House. Fine food and fine drinks are served any day of the week at any one of these restaurants on this 10 list. As you peruse through the online menus before you venture off to a restaurant in Niagara, keep in mind that you're not going to get your traditional Happy Hour like the USA does, as we have strict alcohol laws here. So when you explore the mouthwatering features here, they will most likely be based around the beauty of food, with a drink or two added into the mix. Dazzle in all things wonderful about spending the night on the town with friend whom you haven't seen since your college days, and soon enough it won't matter if you're paying a few extra dollars for a pint of beer. You're having the time of your life, so it won't matter the cost of your meal tonight.

Wild Wing St. Catharines


Wild Wing Restaurant, is located in the hustle and bustle area of St. Catharines. Close to The Pen Centre, and other restaurants and shops, this restaurant is a favorite among those who are looking to spend the night watching the game, or for...  Read More



Margaritaville is the spot to go if you're looking to break free from all the hype of the sophisticated nature of the various fine dining restaurants located in Niagara Falls. This spot is the best place to be if you just want to sit back and...  Read More

The Merchant Ale House
Photo courtesy of Melaina Gasbarrino


If you're looking for somewhere with some of the best beers and pub fare in the city, well than you stumbled into the right spot. At The Merchant Ale House you will not only taste some of the most perfectly crafted beers, that are of course...  Read More



This place is 'the' spot for all things sports bar like. If you're in the mood to watch a game or two, Boston Pizza is the place to be. Located on Clifton Hill you can indulge in all things glorious about eating and drinking at this restaurant...  Read More

Photo courtesy of Flickr.com/Shannon Clattenburg


Milestone's is where it's at if you're looking to watch the game at a more sophisticated sports bar. With wines from around the world, an extensive bar menu, and a decadent menu, there certainly is no wonder at all as to why locals and tourists...  Read More



Lina Linguini's Pasta & Grille is one of the best quick-Italian meals in town. With homemade dishes overflowing on the menu, their tomato sauce is perfect, the service is impeccable and the decor takes you back to the Old Country. The...  Read More



Chile & Agave Mexican Restaurant is one of the best Mexican restaurants in town. Located just shy of the 'tourist' area, this quaint Mexican restaurant is decked out in all the finest Mexican fair. With vibrant colors, and Mexican music...  Read More



Frescos is the spot to be on a Monday or Wednesday night. Why, you may ask, well that's because it's tapas night. Where you get these delectable small plates, and then get to fill your sweet tooth with a few drinks, with a whole party of friends...  Read More



Calling yourself 'Simply Perfect' is certainly a high order, but you see, at Canyon Creek, they can do just that. Not only do they boast impeccable service, a relaxed yet sophisticated decor but they serve up only the very best steaks you can...  Read More

Casa Mia Restaurant


Casa Mia Ristorante is a one of a kind restaurant in The Niagara Region. Serving delectable, authentic Italian dishes, the chefs truly create masterpieces on your plate each night. Visit Casa Mia's and feel as though you're miles and miles away...  Read More


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