10 Best Sports Bars in The Niagara Region, Get Into the Spirit of Sports

The Niagara Region is known for its dedicated, over-enthusastic fans when it comes to any sport. What really gets the locals rilled up is when they watch a game of hockey, Canada's all-time favorite sport, at their local sports bar. If you're looking to become chummy with the local sports fans, step into any one of these bars, and if you're wearing a jersey you're likely to be called family by the end of the night. Take to Boston Pizza's chilled out atmosphere or The Keg's more sophisticated bar to watch whatever game may be on the massive television screens that are displayed throughout any of these Top 10 Sports Bars. 

No matter which sports bar you find yourself in, the beer will be flowing, the cheers and screaming matching at the TV will occur, and the food will be a nice accompaniment to keeping yourself overly occupied during the second overtime of the semi-finals hockey game that you just couldn't miss. Grab some friends, your jerseys of the team you grew up loving, head on over to Niagara Falls for the weekend, and explore how the locals in Niagara Falls celebrate the art of sports. We truly know how to celebrate our teams winning, no matter what sport it is!

Johnny Rocco's Italian Grill


Johnny Rocco's is the perfect combination of sports bar mixed with a quaint little restaurant that is the backbone of good old Italian food. Whether you're here for just a second to check the scores, or you want the full Johnny Rocco's...  Read More

Hard Rock Cafe


If you're looking to explore a not-so traditional restaurant to watch your favorite team win again, than The Hard Rock Cafe is it. Located at the bottom of Clifton Hill, Hard Rock Cafe is exploding with musical history that will catch your eye...  Read More



One of the lovely things about The Keg Steakhouse is their extensive cocktail list. It's like the second you walk into any Keg around Canada you are welcomed with open arms to a plush bar, dark wood, and succulent smells of the grill. There...  Read More

Patrick Sheehans Irish Pub


Sheehan's, an Irish pub, is one of the best spots in Niagara to venture off to if you're ready to kick back, relax and have a yelling match with the TV, all in the name of sports. The place is boasting with locals, tourists and college &...  Read More



The Falls & Firkin loves its beer. If you're looking to spend watching any and every game that's on TV, and want a chilled out place where you can catch up with some old friends, than The Falls & Firkin is the place for you. With an...  Read More



Cracker Jack's is one of the places locals go to kick back, enjoy a pint of beer, a slice of pizza and watch the game. It's a local hangout, located in Confederation Heights, and over the years has made a name for itself. With deals on a weekly...  Read More

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Milestone's is where it's at if you're looking to watch the game at a more sophisticated sports bar. With wines from around the world, an extensive bar menu, and a decadent menu, there certainly is no wonder at all as to why locals and tourists...  Read More

Kelsey's Restaurant
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Kelsey's is famous for its food, drinks and sports. Whatever night of the week it is, you'll see the place jam-packed with a combination of local and out-of-towners that are dedicated to the name of sports. With an extensive menu, drinks...  Read More



This place is 'the' spot for all things sports bar like. If you're in the mood to watch a game or two, Boston Pizza is the place to be. Located on Clifton Hill you can indulge in all things glorious about eating and drinking at this restaurant...  Read More


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