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One of my very favorite things about breakfast is all of the options you have. You can either choose to go sweet or savory, I mean how many meals during the day is it acceptable to have a stack of chocolate chip pancakes made fresh to order? Not many I assume, and thus, this is why I love breakfast so much. It's that one time of the day where you can sit back, grab the newspaper and take some time with the family to see just what is going on in their lives and well as this crazy world we live in. In Niagara Falls were home to a whole slew of breakfast joints that are either large chains or quaint mom and pop diners. From everything from IHop to The Regal Diner, whichever breakfast spot you and the family choose to dine at you surely will be immersed in all things wonderful about the most important meal of the day. Now of course, because it is so important we hope that you do order a healthy option or two, but we all know that the second you walk into any diner you sort of want to step back into time, put in your one and only quarter in the jukebox to play your favorite oldies song and order up a breakfast for champions that showcases just how small your eyes are compared to your stomach. Each of these breakfast joints are a fun play on the old diner, and have created the perfect spot to plan out your busy day of touring Niagara Falls. Trust us when we say you'll surely need a big, bountiful breakfast to keep you going today!


You never would've thought to drive through town, hop out of the car at The Whirlpool Bridge and enjoy a delicious, home-cooked breakfast like never before. At Simon's Restaurant, this quaint restaurant is the spot to enjoy a greasy, delicious breakfast all the while being greeted by the owners, as of course this is a family-run diner. The place, eclectic in style, has been in business for years and continues to drive locals and tourists out into this spot for a simple, yet tasty breakfast any day of the week. Simon's Restaurant is the perfect spot to step outside of the tourist district, and step back in time to enjoy a whole lot of a finger, lickin' good cooking.

Melaina's expert tip: Order the stack of pancakes, they are delicious!

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Quirky but affordable, this local establishment offers a little of everything. It's actually got the appearance of a couple of flying saucers, and it serves food throughout the day. Plus, there's a full bar. Burgers, sandwiches, stir-fries, steaks, seafood, fajitas and even some Italian dishes � it's all right there. Breakfast fare also satisfies, especially when the day ahead is going to be busy; better than anything, morning food is served from open till close.

Melaina's expert tip: Get the 99 cent breakfast. It's so cheap, and is a perfect spot for you and the family to go!

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Wimpy's Diner is all about heading back into the 50's and 60's and making that world come alive again. When these restaurants first opened they were truly a success, and continue to be a success today. Famous for their all day breakfast, fluffy pancakes and home-style meals, this spot is the perfect place to enjoy a delicious meal any time of the day. When you walk into Wimpy's diner, you will truly feel like family and will love every single memorabilia that adorns the walls.

Melaina's expert tip: With all day breakfast, come anytime and the staff at Wimpy's will be happy to serve you up a delicious traditional breakfast.

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Ever want to dabble into the breakfast scene in the middle of the afternoon or late at night? Well if so, then head on over to Perkin's in Niagara Falls or St. Catharines where you will truly be in breakfast heaven. Choose from a delicious selection of traditional family breakfasts to a large selection of baked goods. As this is a family owned company, Perkins continues to bring some of the best breakfasts to tourists and locals alike. The St. Catharines location is open 24/7, whereas Niagara Falls is open various times throughout the week. So if you're in need of a classically, traditional breakfast head on over to Perkins and enjoy every second of your meal.

Melaina's expert tip: Order the Tremendous Twelve at Perkins and you may just have to ask for a take-out container as the dish contains three large eggs, four fluffy pancakes, hash browns or breakfast potatoes and four bacon strips or sausage links.

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For more than 50 years Denny's has continually ensured their guests are looked after no matter what time of day it is. If you are looking for the perfect breakfast spot, Denny's is sure it. With locations in Niagara Falls and St. Catharines, if one is all booked up, hop on over to the former or later to enjoy a whole lot of home-cooked goodness you have been waiting for ever since you woke up. With breakfast being served 24/7, it's no wonder people flock to Denny's on a regular basis.

Melaina's expert tip: Though Denny's is a little on the pricey side, the options are endless here so this is a great spot to venture off to if you're a smaller crowd.

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Ah the joys of having a stack of chocolate chip pancakes on a cold winters day. Nothing really can get any better than that, except for the fact that those chocolate chip pancakes are stacked high and not only have chocolate chips inside them but the batter is ever so chocolaty too. At IHOP, you will "Come Hungry. And Leave Happy" as their slogan goes. You will experience sheer breakfast delight here as you truly indulge in the beauty of the first meal of the day. This spot is perfect for young, old and in between. With a menu that caters to all, there will certainly be something that tickles your fancy at IHOP.

Melaina's expert tip: The Belgian Waffle Combo is the perfect mix of sweet and a whole lot of breakfast goodness mixed into one. With Belgian waffles, two eggs and your choice of bacon or pork sausage if you love a good, hearty breakfast this is the one for you.

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The Famous Restaurant located in The Fallsview Casino Resort is your quintessential spot to get that perfect omelet, pancakes stacked to the nines or of course 'The Famous' breakfast. It certainly is a spot where you can get that breakfast of all those champions you've been dreaming about all night long. The restaurant boasts that of a diner feel and is certainly a fun spot for everyone. Be sure to bring a few quarters to jive to play your favorite oldies music from the jukebox. It's the perfect spot to indulge in a breakfast that is reasonably priced and boasts a whole lot of fun packed into one spot.

Melaina's expert tip: Open 24/7 you can order up breakfast anytime of the day - this certainly is one of the reasons people just can't get enough of this place!

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William's Fresh Cafe is a perfect spot to enjoy a cup of coffee and some of the very best decadent desserts. When you're in Niagara Falls and just want to get away from the 'tourist' area, Williams is the perfect spot. This place has it all, and by serving breakfast all day certainly has landed them a place on this Top 10 list. By using the freshest ingredients, a friendly staff, and seating that's so comfortable you'll want to take a nap after you finish you're breakfast, this truly is a great fresh breakfast spot.

Melaina's expert tip: Freshness is served up daily at Williams - with a cup of coffee and hand, and breakfast served throughout the day, this is the spot for locals to come to, to kick back and relax for the morning.

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Breakfast is only fully breakfast at Cora's. This restaurant not only serves up a whole lot of friendliness and the up most in service but develops dishes that will have your mouth watering the second you read the menu. At Cora's it's all about being inspired by family traditions and ensuring that you are getting the best quality and best experience over all the second you walk into one of there many restaurants. Being on the more health-conscious side of things, at Cora's you will not only experience traditional breakfasts, but will experience that breakfast, or any there other, with a huge helping of freshly cut fruit. This certainly is the place to be on a weekend morning, so get here early to ensure you and the family will get the best spot in the house.

Melaina's expert tip: Try the "Eggs Ben et Dictine". The monstrosity of all things eggs Benedict that will be on your plate is certainly a whole lot of mouthwatering goodness awaiting you.

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If you're looking for a spot to kick back and relax just as the locals do bright and early in the morning, then you're going to want to head on down to The Regal Diner where they are serving up a true diner breakfast day in and day out. Simon and Anj, former Bistro a-GoGo 'food-truckers' have taken the diner experience to a whole new level by creating the freshest and best tasting food around town. The spot continues to boast that retro, diner feel and surely ensures that when you walk through the doors you'll feel like family, even if you're from miles away.

Melaina's expert tip: Check this joint out nice and early, so you're sure to gain the full fresh, local food experience at The Regal Diner.

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