The Best Restaurants On Clifton Hill, No Matter Which Side You Venture On

Clifton Hill is one of the most eccentric places in The Niagara Region. Why you may ask? Well, it's because of its bright lights, flashy signs, and about a hundred and one things to do on such a short hill. If you ask many people who venture up that cleverly placed hill, they'll tell you they spent the afternoon there just taking in all of the sights and sounds of the place. With much to do on one street, of course comes a plethora of restaurants that cater to anyone and everyone's tastes. From a wacky cafe to a lovely steakhouse, no matter what type of food you're in the mood for, your food expectations will certainly be met and will most likely be exceeded while enjoying a loving meal on this flashy street. The beautiful thing about Clifton Hill is the fact that it's located centrally to the main attraction, The Falls, which makes it even more fun for people to park at the top of The Hill, then make their way down it, all the while enjoying the attractions, shops and restaurants that Clifton Hill has to offer. It's The Vegas of The Niagara Region, so what are you waiting for, go on and explore this amazing street.

Hard Rock Cafe


Admittedly touristy, this familiar enterprise pays tribute to everybody from Elvis to the Beatles with an abundance of memorabilia, an enormous guitar bar and music videos. While you check it all out, dig into a plate of nachos, a chicken club,...  Read More



With its Western-styled interior, including a series of Remington sculptures from which the restaurant takes its name, there's no mistaking that beef is prominent here. More sophisticated than your average steak house, though, Remington's...  Read More



Mama Mia's is the perfect spot if you are ready to be taken back many centuries and enjoy a perfect Italian meal. Having been in business for over 25 years, Mama Mia's is quick to ensure there guests are not only looked after, but that the...  Read More



This pizza joint is the perfect spot to play a video game or two, watch the NFL or just enjoy some quality time with a bunch of friends. Located right on Clifton Hill, Boston Pizza is the place where you can indulge in the most uniquely crafted...  Read More

Kelsey's Restaurant
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Deemed as 'Your Neighborhood Favorite' this restaurant certainly caters to each and every person that walks through its doors. Continually catering to locals and tourists alike this joint serves up a whole lot of delicious dishes that anybody...  Read More



A dream-like landscape of dense, tropical flora, punctuated by wild animal calls, distinguishes this intriguing eatery, which also features cascading waterfalls, saltwater fish, and primitive hand-carved furniture. With a live shark tank and...  Read More

Antica Pizzeria
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Dive into delicious individual thin-crust pizzas that will certainly have you coming back a few times while on vacation in Niagara Falls. What The Mascia Family has done to Antica's Pizzeria is they have created a place where you are treated...  Read More

The Rainbow Room Restaurant
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If you thought staying or dining at The Crowne Plaza would be anything ordinary, you thought wrong. If you have a passion for cooking and love to be with some of the finest chefs the world has to offer, than The Rainbow Room is the spot for you...  Read More



Niagara Falls is home to prized restaurants anywhere you look, and Monticello Restaurant & Wine Bar is certainly one of those prized restaurants. The quaint spot is boasting with tourists and locals any night of the week and serves up...  Read More


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