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Dessert is one of those things you say you're too full to eat, yet you always seem to finish off the overflowing chocolate molten cake sitting in front of you. Of course if you don't feel that way than all the power to you for stopping yourself from devouring that decadent cake up, but I am one of those people that just can't say no to dessert. Of course with that being said, dessert is one of those things I can't live without and so I scoured the ends of The Niagara Region's earth and found you the best of the best dessert shops in town. Not only will you succumb to a whole lot of chocolatey goodness, but you'll experience some of the best crepes, gelato and cupcakes this region has ever seen. Just a little peak as to what you're getting your dessert loving self into; at The Paris Crepes Bistro you'll feel as though you just hopped on a plane and ventured off to Paris for the night, at Small Cakes you'll be taken back to your childhood with all the pretty cupcakes and cakes and at The Shaw Cafe you'll fall in love with desserts all over again. The beauty about this list is that there is something for everyone, no matter how much you love to hate desserts. So go on, get out there, the Niagara Region can't wait for you to embrace in all the beautiful bounties of desserts it has to share with you.


So The Hershey Store may not up a fresh cup of coffee as you pursue the aisles upon aisles of chocolate goodness, but it surely has some of the best tasting chocolate anywhere in Niagara. At The Hershey Store you'll get all giddy and ever so happy you walked through the over sized Hershey's bar to pick out freshly made cookies, chocolates and anything in between. With 650 meters of fun, there is something for anyone who walks up and smells the chocolate being brewed up, oh and by the way, it is the best smell in the world!

Melaina's expert tip: Order up any delectable desserts at the fresh food counter, with a plethora of items you may find it hard to pick your favorite.

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You may think it is kind of strange walking into a grocery store to enjoy a cup of coffee and some decadent desserts, but here in Niagara Falls at Commisso's you'll certainly feel like a local when you venture off here. Of course the cafe & bistro is decked out in only the finest pastries and baked goods you can ever imagine as they are whipped up every morning here in the grocery store. And to one up all of those other coffee shops, Christine Gonyou, Bistro Manager knows how to make a good cup of coffee as she became a Certified Barista while living overseas where "coffee is a culture. It's like the best of all worlds when you come to Commisso's and while your here grab some groceries for tonight's dinner!

Melaina's expert tip: If you love espresso, than here is the spot to try it. Christine will surely whip you up one of the best espresso's you've ever had.

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When walking down the streets of Niagara-on-the-Lake it's as though you're walking through this most elegant little town. And what better way to enjoy the beauty of this town than head into a landmark of a place and dive into all things sweet-like. At The Shaw Cafe & Wine Bar you will be immersed in all things wonderful about this town and this restaurant. Order up one of the many desserts and coffee selections or if you're hungrier than you thought choose from the overflowing menu of goodness. Whichever item you choose to order you'll be happy you stopped at this spot.

Melaina's expert tip: If you love lemon than order the Lemon Blueberry Mouse, with its tangy lemon mousse and fresh blueberry sweet dough surrounded by pecan crumble you will love every second of eating it.

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William's Fresh Cafe is a perfect spot to enjoy a cup of coffee and some of the very best decadent desserts. When you're in Niagara Falls and just want to get away from the 'tourist' area, Williams is the perfect spot to flock to. Not only do they serve some of the very best cakes, cookies and pastries, but also have an extensive menu including salads, paninis, breakfast and more. Needless to say this place has it all and so much more.

Melaina's expert tip: It's a must to order the Brownie Sundae, with a warm triple chocolate brownie, creamy vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce & whipped cream it really doesn't get any better than that.

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If you love everything about chocolate, than The Cocoa Bean Shoppe is the best spot for you to lounge out for a couple of hours and dive into all things heavenly about chocolate. Known for their famous truffles, The Cocoa Bean Shoppe offers up uniquely crafted truffles, peanut butter cups, chocolate coated licorice, chocolate bark, caramel-pecan delights, and much, much more. If your in the neighborhood during those hot summer months you will be able to devour up a plate of chocolate along with a cool and refreshing hit of ice-cream. This place certainly will give you that chocolate rush you were looking for.

Melaina's expert tip: Order up a piece of The Truffle Cake, as this shop was the one who created it and thus of course it is pretty much the best!

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If you're looking for a spot that offers its guests only the very freshest and local desserts, than you certainly have come to the right place when you venture off to The Pie Plate Bakery & Cafe located on the way to Niagara-on-the-Lake. This place serves up some of the very best and freshest pies you will ever taste. And of course they don't just offer up a few good tasting pies, but have an abundant pastry menu which changes every season. So go on, get over here, with the menu ever changing you certainly will want to hop on over here every chance you get.

Melaina's expert tip: You will want to get your hands on one of the pecan tarts, they are overflowing with a whole lot of gooey goodness.

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Of course when you think about Italian food, many of us think of the glorious end of the meal when we get to experience sheer bliss all the while enjoying an scoop or two of Italian Ice Cream. This gelateria is the perfect spot for you to enjoy a nice Italian treat as you pursue the streets of Niagara Falls and take in the beauty the city has to offer. With 25 different flavors, my suggestion is to order the large, so you can test out just how many unique gelato flavors you can combine. Take your pick at a plethora of gelato's served up daily.

Melaina's expert tip: During those hot summer months this is the perfect spot to order up some gelato and head on onto the patio to take in the beauty of the weather.

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Paris Crepes Bistro takes you across the pond and over into Paris for the night. This elegant spot offers up only the best crepes in town. The beauty of this restaurant is not only that it is owned and operated by a family straight from France, but also delicately creates crepes to your liking no matter what day of the week it is. If you like savory, or sweet, this spot will perfectly craft one of the most delicious crepes you will ever taste. So go on, get on over here, the intimate and pristine restaurant awaits you.

Melaina's expert tip: The Nutella crepe is one of the best you'll ever taste on this side of the world!

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Willow Cakes & Pastries
Photo courtesy of Willow Cakes and Pastries

The second you walk into this bakery and cafe you want to reach through the glass and taste test every pastry that is being served up for the day. At Willow Cakes & Pastries you will feel as though your half way across the world in a cute little cafe in, oh say Europe - that is just how magical and prestigious this shop is. With an abundance of pastries, chocolates, cakes and freshly made bread there is something for everyone to get their hands on. Come on over to Willow Cakes & Pastries to order a coffee and pastry, then head down to the water, and take in the beauty of Niagara-on-the-Lake.

Melaina's expert tip: If you came to Niagara to celebrate a birthday, you may want to think of ordering a cake from here. It truly is one of the best tasting cakes you'll ever devour.

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For the past 34 years BeaverTails has taken Canada over by storm. If you have never experienced the sheer brilliance of these unique pastries than you have to venture off to Clifton Hill and order up one or two of these treats. These traditional whole-wheat pastries are stretched to the brim to resemble our iconic beaver's tail. Served piping hot, with your favorite toppings, you'll want to order a few to go around.

Melaina's expert tip: If you love sticking to tradition, than order a Cinnamon and Sugar BeaverTail, the light, fluffy texture and taste is certainly delectable.

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