Elegant Restaurants Just Shy of The Main Attraction, The Falls

The Fallsview area of Niagara Falls is unique in that it showcases just how wonderful a dining experience can be, no matter which type of food your craving tonight. From hand-carved meats, to delectable Italian dishes, The Fallsview area is home to some sophisticated restaurants that have a certain aura about them that you can't find anywhere else. The aura is all about enjoying the art of eating for the better. The beautiful thing about The Fallsview area is that you can simply experience all there is to see from up above while enjoying a meal at many of these uniquely crafted restaurants. Many of the restaurants, if you haven't figured it out quite yet, have prime viewing of The Falls, which certainly boasts well if your planning on celebrating a memorable moment of your life at any one of these fine dining establishments. From old school to old world, the second you walk into any one of these restaurants you're embarking on a journey that is forever memorable, and certainly will be a journey that you will be traveling on for years and years to come with the ones you love. So here's to you and your loved ones enjoying the finer, more extravagant things in life.

At The Outback Steakhouse they truly know a thing or two about grilling the perfect steak. And so when you venture on down to Fallsview Avenue you're going to want to come on into The Outback, where you'll fall in love with steak all over again....  Read More

Milestones Fallsview Restaurant
Photo courtesy of Flickr.com/Michael Kwan (Freelancer)

Have you ever just wanted to kick back, relax and enjoy the view..all the while enjoying a scrumptious meal? Well if so, Milestones will be your new 'it' restaurant here in Niagara Falls. This trendy spot not only yields a entrancing view, but...  Read More

Step away from a traditional steakhouse when you book a seat at Brasa Brazilian Steakhouse in Niagara Falls. As you take a seat at Brasa Niagara you will succumb to the delicious smells of fire-roasted meats awaiting you. The Brasa dining...  Read More

If you are one who loves a perfectly cooked and crafted piece of steak then The Keg Steakhouse is your the perfect spot for you to get your steak on in Niagara Falls. The Keg continually offers up a delightful night for all no matter who your...  Read More

AG Inspired Cuisine is a decadent restaurant. It is sleek, it is modern, it is one of the best. Chef Cory Linkson has certainly created a restaurant that embodies all that is the best of the region. Using local seasonal ingredients in a unique...  Read More

Terrapin Grille

If you are one to dive into a delicious meal all the while enjoying a most memorable view, than The Terrapin Grille located at The Marriott Fallsview hotel is the perfect spot for you. Enjoy breakfast, lunch or dinner here and take in some of...  Read More

The Watermark Restaurant, located on the 33rd floor of The Hilton Fallsview has taken dining to the next level. At this restaurant you will not only enjoy the beauty of Niagara Falls right from up above, but you will dive into a carefully...  Read More

This Brazilian Steakhouse provides you with the ultimate Brazilian Steakhouse experience. Why you may ask? Well, that's because of the succulent meats that are carved right at your table, and the waiters and dancers provide you with a high...  Read More

If you're a true steak-lover, you will totally fall in love at first glimpse at one of the finest steakhouses in town. With Executive Chef, Ray Taylor's personal touch to each menu item, there isn't a guess in the world as to how much you're...  Read More

Ponte Vecchio is 'the' best Italian restaurant in The Niagara Region, no questions asked. If you're looking for a place where you feel miles and miles away, as though you are tucked away in a unique restaurant in the heart of Rome, the...  Read More


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