The 'Old Country' is Calling You

Italian food is continually rooted in old world charm, with a touch of unique recipes that will surely have you and your friends googly-eyed over the meal that you will be dazzled with when you take a seat at one, or all 10 of these Italian restaurants. If you have a love for taking in the beauty of home-made cooking then look no further than Casa Mia's, Zappi's Pizza & Subs, Napoli's Ristorante or Carpaccio's. This top 10 list was created to ensure you have everything you need to find that perfect Italian restaurant you have been waiting for. Be swept away by the Tuscan sun as you walk into Casa Vostra, or take in the beauty of the perfect Gelateria at The Italian Ice Cream Shop. No matter which restaurant you choose on this top 10 list you will certainly be entwined in a whole lot of traditional Italian recipes. Some of these recipes have been in the restaurant owners families for centuries. So of course it is up to you as to which Italian restaurant you choose to dine at tonight, but just remember each of these restaurants are unique in their own right and will provide you with the up most Italian dining experience that you have been waiting for all the while planning your vacation to Niagara Falls. With a large Italian community in Niagara Falls and The Niagara Region it is no wonder why the food is so good here, there are generations, upon generations of Italians that have stepped foot in Niagara Falls and are ready to showcase just how magical a place Italy really is.

Johnny Rocco's Italian Grill


Step into the 'old country' when you walk into Johnny Rocco's Italian Grill & Restaurant. Not only will you feel like family here, but you will also be able to enjoy a whole lot of home-made Italian cooking at this spot. With an extensive...  Read More

Mick & Angelo's Eatery & Bar
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Mick & Angelo's is certainly a local favourite when dabbling into the party market, Italian style. With a large dining area, a spacious bar and outdoor patio, this is the perfect spot for you to take some time to enjoy the day or evening...  Read More



Mama Mia's is the perfect spot if you are ready to be taken back many centuries and enjoy a perfect Italian meal. Having been in business for over 25 years, Mama Mia's is quick to ensure there guests are not only looked after, but that the...  Read More

Zappi's Pizza & Subs


With an abundance of pizza places in Niagara Falls it certainly is a struggle to develop that unique pizza that will have all flocking to your spot. At Zappi's Pizza & Subs, The Zappitelli family has certainly kept the tradition of pizza...  Read More



Of course when you think about Italian food, many of us think of the glorious end of the meal when we get to experience sheer bliss all the while enjoying an scoop or two of Italian Ice Cream. This gelateria is the perfect spot for you to enjoy...  Read More

Antica Pizzeria
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Dive into delicious individual thin-crust pizzas that will certainly have you coming back a few times while on vacation in Niagara Falls. What The Mascia Family has done to Antica's Pizzeria is they have created a place where you are treated...  Read More

Napoli Ristorante & Pizzeria


At Napoli Ristorante there mantra is "he who eats well, lives well", and when you leave this restaurant you will certainly have eaten very well. The menu is filled to the brim with delicate home-made Italian recipes finished the perfect way. The...  Read More

Falls Area
Casa Vostra
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Casa Vostra is not only a local favourite, is a place for you to come to step into a world far, far away. If you have ever wanted to vacation to Tuscany, then this is the restaurant for you. Be welcomed with open arms with not only the freshest...  Read More

Carpaccio Restaurant & Wine Bar
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If you are looking for the perfect Italian restaurant in Niagara Falls, well look no further than Carpaccio's Restaurant and Wine Bar. With a contemporary rich style, this restaurant continually serves up a delicious plethora of home-cooked...  Read More

Casa Mia Restaurant


Casa Mia's is hands down one of the best Italian restaurants in town. As a family-owned establishment, the owners and staff at Casa Mia's will make you feel like family the second you walk into the sophisticated restaurant. With dishes that are...  Read More