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Succulent Steaks Await You

If you are one of those people who scours the ends of the earth to find that perfect, juicy steak than you are going to truly appreciate this Top 10 List. In Niagara Falls there are a variety of steakhouses that await you, including everything from the traditional 'The Keg Steakhouse' to something a little more upbeat and unique, like 'Brasa Brazilian Steakhouse'. All the restaurants on this list are well aware that you are looking for that perfect cut of steak, and thus they have uniquely developed their own recipes to you to taste only the best of the very best pieces of steak. Many of the steaks are so juicy and mouthwatering that they don't even need a sauce laced on top, but of course the sauces just accentuate the flavor so much more. Not only is the steak top notch at each of these restaurants, but many of the restaurants boast an mesmerizing view, which of course makes that romantic steak dinner for two so much more beautiful. No matter where you land, you know your getting grade A beef, accompanied with succulent sides and sauces that add to the unique flavor of each piece of meat. These steakhouses are here to provide you with the very best dining experience. And so, instead of heading off to Calgary's cattle country or Down South, venture on off to one of these Top 10 steakhouses where you will only get the best service, a perfect cut of steak and a night you will certainly not forget.


Buchanans is so much more than a steakhouse. It not only offers up the very best views of Niagara Falls, but does so all the while offering delicious dishes that will have you flocking here a few times while in Niagara Falls. Located in The DoubleTree Hotel, this steakhouse is the perfect spot for you to dine with the ones you love all the while enjoying a whole slew of perfectly grilled steaks. Take your pick at the extensive menu that boasts a whole lot of flavor in each dish.

Melaina's expert tip: Call ahead to book a reservation as a lot of guests that are staying at The DoubleTree will dine here, so book a reservation today to ensure you have a spot!

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Milestones Fallsview Restaurant
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Have you ever just wanted to kick back, relax and enjoy the view..all the while enjoying a scrumptious meal? Well if so, Milestones will be your new 'it' restaurant here in Niagara Falls. This trendy spot not only yields a entrancing view, but with its fancy drinks, mouthwatering dishes and free parking this surely is a hip-hopping place. When dining at Milestones you will truly be inspired as the chefs take pride in using the freshest of ingredients and cater to your every seasonal need. So if you're in need of a night to check out the game or spend a quiet evening with the ones you love, the cozy booths and bar are awaiting your arrival.

Melaina's expert tip: If you're in Niagara Falls celebrating your birthday head on over to Milestones with 3 guests and receive a free entree on them - how sweet is that!

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The Sandstone Grillhouse is a warm and cozy family-owned restaurant known for its friendly service and satisfying meals. Their reasonably priced menu features delicious Italian classics like chicken parmesan and Sicilian pizza, along with daily grill and seafood specials. Signature dishes include goat cheese strudel and pasta carbonara. On the weekends, the restaurant features live local bands to entertain while you dine.

Melaina's expert tip: If you're a steak and lobster kinda person than order up the steak & lobster deal. Its a 4/5 oz Cuban Lobster tail served with 10 oz NY strip, all for just $37.95.

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Montana's Cookhouse is one of the best spots in Niagara Falls to kick back and relax for the afternoon. Located on the top of Clifton Hill this is certainly the spot to enjoy a delicious lunch to fill all those hungry bellies that have been touring Niagara Falls since the wee hours of the morning. Montana's of course known for its superb steaks, is the spot to get a mouth-watering steak at a pretty reasonable price. With a mantra of having fun all the while at this spot, Montana's is a sure hit among anyone who walks through its doors.

Melaina's expert tip: With a 15-minute lunch menu, if you are in a rush to eat, then this is the perfect spot for you as they are truly good to their word of being 15 minutes or less. But of course if you're in the market for a nice long lunch, than Montana's is of course happy to have you!

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Calling yourself 'Simply Perfect' is certainly a high order, but you see, at Canyon Creek, they can do just that. Not only do they boast impeccable service, a relaxed yet sophisticated decor but they serve up only the very best steaks you can imagine. The food at Canyon Creek is certainly top-notch and appeals to any steak-lovers senses as they have a variety of steaks perfectly cut and grilled and ready for you to enjoy the second you place your order. It's all about your quality ingredients and ensuring the guest is always looked after from the second you walk through the door.

Melaina's expert tip: If you have a sensitive stomach and are worried that your steak will come into contact with peanut butter or some other food your allergic too, do not worry at all. Look at their allergy guide prior to dining at Canyon Creek and notify your server, they will do everything in their power to make your dining experience impeccable.

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This Brazilian Steakhouse provides you with the ultimate Brazilian Steakhouse experience. Why you may ask? Well, that's because of the succulent meats that are carved right at your table, and the waiters and dancers provide you with a high energy attitude all night long. The beauty of this spot is that it's not a stuffy steakhouse, it's the perfect spot for you and a bunch of your best friends to go have a few drinks, and fill up on the very best grade A meats there are out there. A celebration is certainly in order the second you walk through this restaurants doors.

Melaina's expert tip: This is the perfect spot if your looking to celebrate a birthday. Call ahead to book a reservation and enjoy a night filled with a whole lot of fun.

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At The Outback Steakhouse they truly know a thing or two about grilling the perfect steak. And so when you venture on down to Fallsview Avenue you're going to want to come on into The Outback, where you'll fall in love with steak all over again. Each steak is hand-selected, aged just right, inspected and trimmed to perfection. It's then expertly seasoned and seared over a red hot grill to seal in its bold flavor. So if you have a deep-rooted passion for steaks the way Australians make it, than The Outback is your place to be.

Melaina's expert tip: If you love steak, order the 'Outback Special®', the signature sirloin is seasoned to perfection with bold spices and seared just right.

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If you are one who loves a perfectly cooked and crafted piece of steak then The Keg Steakhouse is your the perfect spot for you to get your steak on in Niagara Falls. The Keg continually offers up a delightful night for all no matter who your dining with. The menu is not shy of its classic steak dinners with delicious accompaniments such as garlic mashed potatoes and seasonal vegetables. The chefs at anyone of The Keg Restaurants certainly know how to grill a steak to perfection.

Melaina's expert tip: The Keg Steakhouse is located on the 9th floor of Embassy Suites or on Victoria Avenue, so if one is busy its just a quick hop, skip and jump over to the next one!

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At The Wildfire Grill House and Lounge you will certainly see why this restaurant has been open for so many years. It continually develops unique and interesting dishes that allow for the sweet and savory tastes of each cut of steak breaks through in each dish. With a passion for delivering only the very best steaks, seafood and chicken dishes this restaurant is the perfect spot for you to enjoy a delicious steak dinner.

Melaina's expert tip: Every Wednesday night enjoy live music at The Wildfire, a perfect way to kick off your night out.

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Step away from a traditional steakhouse when you book a seat at Brasa Brazilian Steakhouse in Niagara Falls. As you take a seat at Brasa Niagara you will succumb to the delicious smells of fire-roasted meats awaiting you. The Brasa dining experience is a unique one as the gauchos will carve you pieces of their 12 different fire-roasted meats table side. And of course if that is not enough to fill you up, venture off to the gourmet salad bar where there are over 70 items for you to choose from. Enjoy the sweet smells of that fire-roasted goodness all the while you and your friends enjoy a meal at one of the best steakhouses in Niagara Falls.

Melaina's expert tip: If you're a vegetarian that got sucked into coming here not to worry! With over 70 items at the gourmet salad bar there are plenty of options to keep you full by the end of the meal, don't forget to try the grilled pineapple to end off your night at is truly delicious.

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