Best Take Out Restaurants in Niagara Falls

10 Best Take-Out Joints in The Niagara Region..The World of Take-Out Just Got a Little Better

One of the lovely things about take-out food is the fact that you don't need to get all dolled up to enjoy a good meal. Taking out food is a true test to the chefs. It is so because your meal must make it from their doorstep to yours, all the while still exploding with flavours that you would struggle creating yourself. The beauty of take-out food is that you can throw on your pajamas, order whatever you're craving and rent a movie, while you enjoy a night in, in Niagara Falls.

From Italian to Thai to traditional American cuisine, there are a variety of take-out places to curb your appetite. Whether you're looking to grab a over the top sandwich at Taste in Niagara-on-the-Lake, or you get weak at the knees when you hear anybody mention homemade pasta from Antipasto's, the beauty of The Niagara Region is the multitude of cuisines all jam-packed into one region, and better yet taking out your meal and enjoying in riverside is a favorite for many. 

Taking out food is like your one-stop shop to freedom for the days hectic adventures. So, whether you son wants a pizza from Antica's and your daughter wants thai food, just remember you can travel through the region in no time at all. And if that's what's going to please your little ones, it may just be the easiest take-out meal you've ever put together.


Boston Pizza, located on Clifton Hill, is probably one of the best spots to take-out food if you're pursing the streets of Niagara Falls on an empty stomach. Located in the heart of the tourist area, you can take-out a succulent burger, a uniquely crafted pizza, or any sandwich, salad or full-on meal you're into diving into at that second. The beauty of ordering take-out from Boston Pizza is that you can order it, than continue on strolling up and down Clifton Hill to pin point what other adventures you and the family want to do before you head back home. Boston Pizza is one of the easiest places to take-out a meal, as they have something for everything.

Local Expert tip: Located on Clifton Hill, this is the best place if you're looking to take-out traditional American cuisine-type foods.

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Itt's Thai is a great thai restaurant to order thai food from. Chefs at Itt's Thai take special care to ensure all of their food is fresh, and that the traditional thai flavors are tasted no matter how long of a drive it is back to your hotel. The beauty of Itt's Thai is that they deliver, and they do so in such a timely manner that you won't even get a chance to get all cosy before they've made it to your door. Enjoy the beauty of thai cuisine at Itt's Thai and you'll surely be back again. Itt's Thai showcases the chefs love for cooking, and cooking in a way that really displays how beautiful food is.

Local Expert tip: Itt's Thai delivers, which certainly is a plus after a long day of sightseeing around The Niagara Region.

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For over twenty years Gus & Amiel have been bringing dishes from around the world that really pop. At Frescos it's all about serving up uniquely inspired dishes that wow guests the second they call to order your decadent dish. The restaurant is known for its international dishes that are exploding with flavors from all around Europe. From everything to warm goat cheese salad, to salmon wraps, you're likely to order a few too many goodies off the menu that catch your eye, but the beauty of that is that you'll have leftovers for the ride home. Fresco's is certainly a spot where you'll be taking out food every time you're in The Niagara Region.

Local Expert tip: With an abundance of salads, wraps, pastas, and sandwiches there certainly is something for everyone on the menu that will have you coming back for more.

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Antica Pizzeria
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Antica's is known for its impeccable individual thin-crust pizzas. The Mascia Family has created a restaurant that embodies all that is wonderful about cooking using a wood-oven stove. The Niagara Region has been enjoying pizza from Antica's for many moons now, and is overjoyed when the family welcomes each patron & friend back with open arms. The menu is extensive, offering everything from your traditional margherita pizza to an over the top quattro stagioni (an 12'' pizza marked with the seasons) pizza. And best yet, if you're in the mood for some homemade pasta, the lasagna is a favorite among many.

Local Expert tip: By taking out a pizza or two from Antica's you get to pass the hungry patrons awaiting a seat in this busy rustic pizza joint.

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Salha Thai is notably one of the best thai restaurants in town. With impeccable service, quick take-out timing, and mouthwatering meals this will be your new favorite thai restaurant in no time at all. Located in the heart of St. Catharines on St. Paul Street, this is the perfect spot to take out a quick lunch or dinner with ease. The menu is extensively thai, with every dish showcasing the beauty of food of Thailand. Try the pad thai, chicken fried rice or crazy chicken, favorites among anyone who walks through the door. You'll be wowed the second your spicy meal comes to you.

Local Expert tip: At lunch you get a soup or salad with your meal, the salad is a favorite among many locals.

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Big Marco's is hands down the best restaurant to get take-out from. Why you may ask, well it has to do with the quick service, large portions, and food that will truly put a smile on your face. With a separate take-out ordering station, you can watch as the chefs creatively craft up your pizza, pasta, or fish dish. If you're craving traditional Italian food, Big Marco's is the spot for you. With something for everyone there is no need to worry about ensuring the kids will have something to eat. Plus, with the large portions you can even share a dish or two.

Local Expert tip: Order a bottle of their salad dressing, we don't know what's in it, but it is the best!

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Taste is Niagara-on-the-Lakes best sandwich shop, well actually it's The Niagara Regions best sandwich shop. Why you may ask, well that's easy. It's because you can walk up to the counter, design a sandwich that suits all your needs, fixings included, and then you can hop on over to the park, or the waters edge to enjoy your impeccably crafted sandwich. This is the spot to take-out a sandwich like no other. Now if that doesn't get you hooked on enjoying a sandwich or two, then we certainly don't know what will! Taste has truly created a spot where you can take-out and enjoy The Niagara Region's best healthy options restaurant.

Local Expert tip: Once you've creatively crafted your sandwich, head down to the waters edge to dive into your mountainous sandwich.

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Eh Jose! is where you will find the best authentic Mexican food in The Niagara Region. If you've stumbled on the tastes of Mexico before, know that José Luis Granados has creatively designed a menu that showcases the beauty of all things related to the art of Mexican cuisine. From traditional tacos to an over the top Mexican pizza, you can find this fan-fare at The St. Catharines Market on a weekly basis. And if you can't get enough of the creations that are created than call to cater an event near you. Get in tune with traditional Mexican cuisine, take-out style.

Local Expert tip: The enchiladas are some of the best in town.

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Antipasto's di Roma has been in business for over twenty years, and has certainly made a name for itself over the years. With traditional Italian cuisine ordered in batches, an Italian-style grocery store and a seated area, Antipasto's is known to cater many celebrations throughout The Niagara Region. If you're looking for a quick bite, their over the counter food is showcased at its best. From eggplant sandwiches, to pasta by the masses, there truly is something for everyone and is a great place to take out a meal and have it for days to come. Antipasto's food is some of the best Italian in town.

Local Expert tip: Taking out from Antipasto's is a breeze. Stroll up to the counter and select a few homemade dishes to create the best traditional Italian meal you've had yet.

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