Things to do in Québec City, QC


More About Québec City

To the casual observer, Québec bears a striking resemblance to Europe, with its charming old buildings, cobblestone streets and imposing stone walls, not to mention the lilting sounds of the French language overheard everywhere you go. But the city has its own distinct character, born of hundreds of years of sometimes tumultuous history and a steadfast devotion to retaining its individuality. Historic sites are plentiful, and in fact the entire walled Vieux-Québec (Old City) has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage site. Outside the walls, visitors flock to historically significant spots such as the Plains d'Abraham, where French and British armies clashed during the Seven Years War (a.k.a. the French and Indian War). The area's rich cultural heritage is detailed in several of Québec's world-class museums, while the significance of religion is evident in the numerous beautiful churches around town. Visitors will also find an abundance of dining establishments that offer everything from quick bites like the peculiarly Québécois poutine (French fries topped with fresh cheese curds and brown gravy), to fine repasts at renowned restaurants such as Laurie Raphaël and L'Initiale.