Dance Clubs


Saint-jean Baptiste

Billed as Québec's top disco spot, this three-story club offers live entertainment on the first floor, while the other two levels have dance floors, TVs and video games. This popular spot doesn't really get going until well after 11pm, when an eclectic mix of local students and young professionals joins up with international tourists to dance the night away. If you're looking for a place to be seen and be part of the scene, this is it.

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Saint-jean Baptiste

The popular Chez Maurice occupies a converted three-story mansion. On Friday nights, be prepared to shake your booty at their Disco Fever dance party. Other nights, you can just dance the night away to Latin, blues and house music selections – maybe even a little Chinese shadow dancing for a more exotic evening twist. Dress to impress, but make sure what you wear is great for dancing. In the summer, the porch area, which sits one floor above street-level, is a great place to cool off and watch the action on Grand-allée. For a break, you can even head down to the Société Cigar for a good stogie and smooth jazz or Cosmos Café for a more relaxed atmosphere.

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Sainte-foy / Sillery

It's not fair to compare the nightlife scene in Sainte-Foy to that of Québec City, but this popular dance club can hold its own against just about any bar you put it against. Starting with happy hour, which can tend to get a bit spirited at times, the party starts early and usually lasts late. Offering everything from billiards to an oft-packed dance floor, Liquor Store usually ensures that everybody in your party remains entertained. If you get hungry take a peek at their menu, featuring pub-grub of all shapes, smells and sizes.

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The cutting edge Le Boudoir has two levels to accommodate virtually everyone's nightlife preferences. Upstairs, one DJ spins an eclectic assortment of lounge-y global electronica every night for a contingent of savvy (and well-dressed) urbanites, while another spins danceable world music in the club downstairs on Thursday-Saturday nights. The club's vibrating dance floor and state of the art light and sound systems draw an energetic, cosmopolitan crowd. Refreshments are in the form of a plethora of inventive cocktails such as the Boudoir Martini, a bold combination of vodka, triple sec, ice wine, champagne and peach syrup.

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Saint-jean Baptiste

A multi-level club with three distinct spaces, this always-busy nightspot offers a variety of options, from drag shows to video poker to dancing. Le Drague is at the center of Québec's lively gay scene, and a portion of the club is designated "men only," but the rest is open to all, and the staff and clientele are friendly and welcoming. Catch an entertaining show or join in the karaoke fun in the cabaret upstairs, then head down to the disco, where a resident DJ spins house and techno for an appreciative and energetic audience.

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