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Le Casse-Crêpe Breton

Have breakfast at "break crust," the literal translation of Crêpe Breton. Crêpes come stuffed with any variety of cream, fruit, cheese, meat and vegetables. Main course crêpes can be prepared with two to five ingredients. Try the ham, cheese and egg crêpe! Have it your way! If you eat at the bar, you can watch the delicate crêpes being prepared.

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Saint-jean Baptiste
Chez Ashton

Knowing locals have been coming to Chez Ashton for years, for what may be the best poutine in town. For the uninitiated, poutine is a peculiarly Québec invention that tops a heap of fries with fresh cheese curds and brown gravy – it's the food of famished teenagers and hangover-nursing twenty-somethings, but people outside this demographic have been known to drive across town for their favorite version. It's a definite must-try. Chez Ashton also serves up some great burgers and sandwiches if poutine just won't cut it for you!

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Saint-jean Baptiste
Chez Victor

There's no other burger joint that comes close to Chez Victor. This cozy café with brick walls attracts an artsy crowd to its trendy rue Saint-Jean location. Lettuce, tomatoes, onions, mushrooms, pickles, hot mustard, mayonnaise and your choice of cheeses top thick and hearty gourmet burgers. In addition to the burgers, you'll find salads, sandwiches and daily dessert specials.

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Vieux Quebec
Chez Temporel

If you see a table, you'd better snag it quickly! This popular hangout attracts locals and students alike. If you need to escape the bustle of life, you can come here bright and early and sip café au lait while munching flaky croissants smothered in sweet jam. You can also delve into a wonderfully hearty breakfast of cheese, quiche or pastries.

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Café de la Terrasse

You'll not only enjoy a tasty treat at Café de la Terrace, but you'll also delight in a beautiful view of the Saint-Lawrence while you dine. The lunch buffet, very reasonably priced, features the culinary magic of Chef Jean Soulard, whose dishes are inspired by traditional Québec favorites. The buffet is available until 2:30 and is a super idea if you've been traveling all day.

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Yuzu Sushi Bar

Yuzu's décor is very linear, with lots of squares and straight lines, highlighted by some cool cubby holes along one wall, each with its own recessed light source. The food, on the other hand, is about as curvy and innovative as it can be and still remain edible. Many dishes are Japanese-inspired, and sushi and sashimi hold a proud place on the menu, but beyond that the cuisine defies categorization. Quail on bacon and parmesan polenta, Spanish mackerel with pink grapefruit caramel and cabernet vinegar, and Tasmanian trout sashimi prepared eight ways all make appearances on the same menu. As do a trio of unlikely-sounding oyster shooters. Not to be overshadowed, desserts continue the theme – try apple sage cake or an intriguing fig milkshake. Everything sounds just a tad over-conceived, but the end results are stunningly successful.

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