Gift Shops

Vieux Quebec
Boutique Canadeau

Located in the upper section of Vieux Québec near the St-Jean Gate, the Canadeau hosts exhibits of Amerindian works and Inuit sculpture. This is also a great place to purchase gifts for the folks back home. Knitted and woven items, intricate...  Read More

Artisans du Bas-Canada

People don't shop the Côte de la Fabrique looking for great deals. No, they browse these exclusive shops looking for what they want – for things that catch their eyes. Little wonder, then, that Artisans du Bas always appears to be busy....  Read More

Vieux Quebec
Mouche à feu

Hold off on buying run-of-the-mill souvenirs at the touristy places until you get a chance to visit this unique little shop, located at Place Royale. Housed in a building that dates back to the 17th century, Mouche a Feu specializes in those...  Read More

Vieux Quebec
Kulik Art Inuit

Located in the Château Frontenac's exclusive shopping promenade, the Kulik gallery celebrates Inuit art. Stroll through this well lit shop, and you'll find impressive displays of stencil and stone-cut artwork – all of it originating from...  Read More

Vieux Quebec
Trois Colombes

This Old Québec gift shop carries a wide range of trinkets and neat little knickknacks – great ideas for the folks back home. Take a few minutes to browse, and you'll find handmade pottery, leather goods, wool sweaters, ties, dresses and...  Read More