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We all have love/hate relationships with our clothes, and travel only heightens the emotions. We forget to pack something, or we need something unexpectedly, or we just want to see what Québec City has to offer that our own city may not. That's why 10Best compiles a list of the best clothing stores in town. From independent boutiques to upscale chains, we tell you where to find terrific basics and quality fashions that will get you through any clothing crisis. Popular possibilities? Boutique Jourdain and Le Blanc Mouton.


Vieux Quebec

Ladies in the Québec City area head to this cozy corner of the Quartier Petite Champlain when they're in the market for a top-quality leather or suede coat, purse or dress suit. Once inside their well-lit showroom, attractive suede dress suits by Odette Nappert, ideal for any occasion, and smart leather and suede styles by Paule Lamarche will catch your eye. If it's cold out, you'll definitely want to check out their Hugette Fecteau line, which includes a number of gorgeous warm coats, as well as sporty lined deerskin jackets and elegant lambskin coats.

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Vieux Quebec

Supporting the philosophy that "art is an expression of the self," the artisans whose work graces the racks at Le Blane Mouton proudly showcase the skills that help make Québec a true upstart in fashion circles. The hand-woven mohair and angora garments by owners Nicole Vicent and Pierre Dugré headline an amazing repertoire of Canadian creations, including handmade leather purses, dresses by Marie Pier, Tournesol dress suits and attractive Nader dress ensembles. After you get your outfit assembled, the friendly sales staff will even help you accessorize!

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Vieux Quebec

Specializes in attractive hand-stitched and woven ladies' wear, made by the skilled hands of owners Nicole Bellemere and Yves Magny. These ladies' seasonal fashions eschew popular trends in lieu of texture, style and comfort, a refreshing departure from unimaginative department store fashions. Indeed, each of their dresses, scarves, sweaters and shawls boasts a tailored, upscale look – like the garment was made just for you and is the only one in existence. If it's a smart dress-suit, dress or blouse you require, start your quest here.

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Specializing in rain and winter gear for men, Captain d'A Bord began over a decade ago as an exclusively nautical men's shop. Browse around a bit, and you'll see everything from sweaters by the popular Paul & Shark line to smart Breton pull-overs to warm wool sweaters. Best of all, you'll find that the threads you pick up at this unique little shop serve two purposes: they'll protect you from the weather and, almost as important, make you look like a thousand bucks.

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Vieux Quebec

Geared toward young, hip shoppers, Bedo is a favorite among the city's clubbers and those who favor Euro-styles. The contemporary store located in the heart of Vieux Québec's stylish shopping district features track lighting, sleek fixtures and some rather funky background music. From solid turtlenecks and skirts to sexy, tight-fitting tops and pants, this place has all you need to modernize your wardrobe. Head to the far left corner of the store, and you'll find several racks sporting excellent sale items.

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Known for its exclusive lines of imported and domestic woolens for men and women, this ancient corner shop has been preparing the Québecois for winter months for almost 120 years now. Come in and check out the selection of warm wool socks by J.B. Field's, handsome wool sweaters by Scotland's famous William Locke, attractive upscale ladies' wear by Lucia, Geiger and Johnstons of Elgin, and even Darlington's own special signature wear. Men's accessories are available, including everything from golf bags and wallets to scarves and tweed caps.

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Vieux Quebec

An upscale alternative in the quaint Quartier Petit Champlain area, Lise Lessard's fashion-conscious boutique is a favorite among locals who know how and where to shop. You can't miss Zazou as you walk down the street, for its psychedelic sign and green-and-yellow storefront stand out from the rest – much like the fashions. The shop specializes in innovative stylings from Québec's top fashion designers, including up-and-comers like Nathalie Boucher and familiar names like internationally-recognized Marie-France Huez and Linda Lundström, whose elegant coats are ideal for "chilly" Québec winters.

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Vieux Quebec

First opened in 1840, Québec's senior department store, La Maison Simons, has long been a favorite for shoppers both male and female. Scattered about the well-lit departments, you'll find popular brand names like Twik, Donna Karan, Hugo Boss, Le Trente et Un and Tommy Hilfiger. When temperatures start to dip, crowds flood in to check out the selection of stylish rayon sweaters and smart Shetland wools. The store's friendly bi-lingual staff carries customer service to the next level, making shopping here a true pleasure.

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Vieux Quebec

Jourdain specializes in quality knitwear for men and women. Check out their selections from Dale of Norway, Saint James, Elisa Cavaletti, Carmen G., Brax and Vanilia.

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