Cure a Case of Boredom with These Family-Friendly Toronto Museums

If it were up to the kids, their ideal vacation would look like the movie Home Alone, presumably without the burglars. However, they are stuck with family time, so why not make the most of it and choose museums that will please everyone, from your texting-addicted teenager to your world-weary tween?

Toronto is filled to the brim with great museums that keep the entertainment metre on high no matter what the weather. From Canada's largest museum, the elaborate ROM, to the hockey-fan essential, The Hockey Hall of Fame, Toronto has terrific options. The cool and cosmopolitan city can also add the word "cultural" to the mix.

The museums we have chosen vary in size, so some are suitable for a day of boundless appeal while others are an hour of entertainment to sandwich between other activities. Toronto aims to please and its world class museums are the perfect stops for family fun.

Whether cultural, educational or related to a hobby, children are not expected to be mini-adults. They are invited to play, to touch and to imagine. Even the coolest of kids won't be able to help being awe-struck from time to time. Happy kids, happy parents, and one hell of a vacation.

Montgomery's Inn
Photo courtesy of Montgomery's Inn Facebook page

Montgomery's Inn was built in 1830. It is worth visiting just for the fact that there are not many historical buildings in and around Toronto. Montgomery's Inn once served as a shelter, community hub and restaurant right up until 1850 when one...  Read More

High Park/Roncesvalles

Taking your kids to the historic home of one of Toronto's first architects may seem laughable. Have we met your children? Gazing at watercolours is hardly a hobby of theirs. However, we are almost as interested in the environs of this historical...  Read More

At first glance, ceramics might not seem like your kid's idea of a good time. However, workshops provide the tactile pleasure of clay for all ages. Squishy, slippery clay running through your kids' fingers may spark appreciation for the...  Read More

Bata Shoe Museum
Photo courtesy of Bata Shoe Museum Facebook page

Your kids already spend an inordinate amount of time trying to figure out how to tie their shoes. Take a couple of hours with them to stare at shoes together. If you need to convince your tweens, the words "Justin Bieber's shoes" should do the...  Read More

Step into another world in the 19th century by visiting Black Creek Pioneer Village. This heritage museum is a welcome alternative to screaming at the kids "Get some fresh air!" You can collectively breathe in a simpler time. There are 35...  Read More

A hall of fame as much as a museum, The Hockey Hall of Fame is a must for any lover of hockey (or lover of Canada, for that matter). There is nothing quite as cool for a player as being "hall called" and the 400 inducted members are a thrill to...  Read More

Come with your family to Family Sundays, which happen most Sundays from 1-4pm. From collaborative painting workshops to bilingual French/English weekends, it is a great way to help your kids to develop an artistic side. Tweens and teens will...  Read More

Royal Ontario Museum

The Royal Ontario Museum is not to be missed, and you also literally cannot miss it. The main entrance reopened in 2007; a stunning piece of architecture resembling a crystal by David Libeskind. It reinvented the previously tired facade of the...  Read More

We may classify The Children's Discovery Centre as more child-friendly than family-friendly, but happy kids mean a smoother bedtime and a sooner happy hour. This children's museum has been designed by a team of early childhood development...  Read More

Visiting the Ontario Science Centre is a great way to connect with your inner Bill Nye, the Science Guy. Even kids who don't seem keen on science will be enthralled by over 800 interactive exhibits. This museum of science is designed to spark...  Read More


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